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Joy Behar blasts View co-hosts as ‘selfish and unbelievable’ during tense live debate

Joy Behar blasts View co-hosts as ‘selfish and unbelievable’ during tense live debate

DURING a tense live debate, Joy Behar has slammed her View co-hosts.

She called them “selfish and unbelievable” as they disagreed with her on a Hot Topic.

ABCJoy Behar called her View co-hosts ‘selfish’ and ‘unbelievable’[/caption]

ABCThey debated on whether or not a woman should let her sister sells crystals at her bakery[/caption]

On Thursday’s show, the panel discussed if a woman who owns a bakery should let her sister sells her crystals there or not.

Everyone said no, but Joy was the only one who said an enthusiastic “yes!”

Sunny Hostin said that the crystals would “ruin the ambiance.”

But, Joy said families shouldn’t feud over something like that.

Sara Haines suggested having the sister make a pop-up shop on the street while bringing her baked goods and coffee.

After they debated a while longer, Joy picked up her card, folded it, and said: “You know, you guys are being unbelievable.”

She turned to Sara, telling her: “You have many sisters and you’re being selfish about this. And I’m an only child and I’m very ‘have largesse’.”


Joy is known to speak her mind while on The View and sometimes has outbursts with her co-hosts.

On Friday’s episode, The 80-year-old and the other panelists listened as Ana Navarro discussed attending an upcoming Indian wedding.

Ana explained: “I love weddings because everybody’s happy and romantic.”

The political strategist continued: “I’m going to my first Indian wedding. I’ve never been to one and I hear they are extravagant.”

Before she could elaborate any further, her co-host Sunny, 54, squeezed in a recommendation.

She stated: “If they request that you dress in traditional Indian garb, there’s a rental place I can tell you about because they’re very expensive.”

Piggybacking off the ongoing conversation, Joy mentioned: “Ana brings up a good point, she doesn’t know if it’s cultural appropriation to wear a sari to an Indian wedding.”

“Not if they request it,” chimed Sunny.

Addressing her question to the studio audience, and also strangely one of the show’s producers, Ana asked: “How do we feel? If I wear a sari is it cultural appropriation, Brian?”

Sara, 45, was the first of her co-hosts to question Ana, as she asked: “Why are you asking Brian?”

Puzzled, Joy quickly jumped on the 51-year-old’s case as well, as she questioned: “What are you asking him for?”

A confused Brian ended the interrogation as he waved off the inquiry and clearly stated: “Moving on.”


Also on Thursday’s show, Joy snapped at her co-host in an awkward live moment.

The moment occurred as the panel discussed the envy felt toward single people from married couples with children.

Sara was the first of The View hosts to share her thoughts on the subject as she admitted that she feels envious “all the time.”

Joy asked: “Who are you jealous of right now?” to which The Chase host replied: “Everyone who can just make a plan without four weeks of prep.”

She continued: “I hate carrying and having to think of everything a child might need, and they’re adorable, but I’d really rather just walk out with just my phone.”

Sara then added: “When you go out and you have maybe one extra glass of wine and you’re like ‘I’ll sleep it off,’ there’s no sleeping it off [kids] wake up the same every freaking day.”

The comedian and longtime View host responded: “If you have a dog you have to get up and walk the dog.”

Sara quipped back: “My Chihuahuas had better bladder control than my kids.”

A surprised Joy then questioned: “You actually have Chihuahuas and three children?”

Obviously insulted, Sara answered: “No, I had Chihuahuas, they passed. You were here for both of their passing!”

Joy attempted to save face as she replied: “I always block bad things like that.”

Sara then took her jab a step too far as she joked: “I had a balloon at my birthday and you go ‘oh is that the dead one?’”

Both the audience and fellow The View hosts collectively gasped at the remark, causing Joy to snap: “I did not say that!”

As Sara attempted to recover from her bad joke, Joy shut her down as she ordered: “Oh, be quiet.”

ABCShe told Sara that she was ‘unbelievable’ after she didn’t agree with her because she had sisters[/caption]

ABCJoy is known for arguing back and forth with her co-hosts[/caption]

ABCEarlier in the week, she shouted at Ana Navarro when she asked a producer a question[/caption]

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