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GMA’s Ginger Zee admits she’s in ‘trouble’ after she reveals startling information about her career

GMA’s Ginger Zee admits she’s in ‘trouble’ after she reveals startling information about her career

GINGER Zee has shared some concerning news about the impact of her high-pressure job.

The Good Morning America meteorologist shared a post onto her Instagram Stories that suggested her career had put her in danger.

GettyGinger Zee posted a scary infographic about her chosen career onto Instagram[/caption]

The post suggested that exposure to extreme weather can alter brain functionInstagram

Ginger reposted a shocking infographic that suggested that her weather-based job may have impacted her health.

The post claimed: “Trauma from experiencing extreme weather events can alter the way your brain works.”

The 42-year-old shared the worrying image along with her own caption that simply read: “I am in trouble…”

The post itself explained further: “Trauma from experiencing extreme weather events can change the way your brain works, making it harder to process information, according to a new study.

“The new study is important in understanding how natural disasters can affect mental wellness.”

Ginger is no stranger to extreme weather.

The GMA star has just returned from Pasadena, California where she was reporting on Los Angeles‘ coldest weather stretch in 35 years.

Much of the anchor’s work requires her to be on location rather than remaining safe in the New York office.

The mother-of-two recently reported from the streets of NY to warn about “severe” and “damaging” weather.

This week during a segment on extreme weather, Ginger got drenched as she presented from the beach while wearing a raincoat with a hood up.

She talked about the threat of landslides on the California coast.

The meteorologist explained: “Yes we’ve had the rain but there’s also been gusts of 35 miles per hour and you combine these two things and you will have landslides.

“They’re really had the true winter these last few weeks in southern California.”

She added further scary news, and talked about the threat of flooding and tornadoes in Arkansas.

“It’s going to be a big problem,” the reporter admitted, adding: “We’ve got three full days of a lot of severe weather.”


Ginger’s revelation came amid the star’s recent health battles.

Last month, the weather reporter admitted: “I’m getting to my limit… it feels.”

She revealed that she’d had both Covid and the flu within a month.

On Twitter, she implied her battle with the illnesses was serious when she posted she was “happy to be alive.”

“Been a rough month of illness around our house,” Ginger added.

The star was forced to skip work due to her health, and revealed the news in a post that read: “Verified Flu & COVID within a month. Special. Hope you all are healthy. I’ll be back as soon as I am able. #flu #covid #sick”

ABCThe star reposted the image with the text ‘I am in trouble…’[/caption]

ABCGinger’s job requires her to report from extreme weather locations on a regular basis[/caption]

Instagram / Ginger ZeeThe star has recently been very ill, admitting she was ‘happy to be alive’[/caption]

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