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Wheel of Fortune contestant loses out on exotic vacation with ‘painfully wrong’ letter guess on almost finished puzzle

Wheel of Fortune contestant loses out on exotic vacation with ‘painfully wrong’ letter guess on almost finished puzzle

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant lost a vacation to Croatia and a pile of promising wedges after making a truly painful guess.

Micki was three letters away from “A Roaring Fire in The Fireplace” when she wildly guessed an “S.”

ABCMicki shocked the Wheel of Fortune audience and viewers at home[/caption]

ABCShe wildly guessed an ‘S’ at this point in the puzzle[/caption]

Micki from Louisiana felt the heat from Wheel of Fortune fans after her behwildereing move on Friday’s episode of the beloved game show.

Under the category “Thing” she was picking up wedges for each correct letter and wound up with a million dollar wedge, a wild card, the XL wedge, and a chance to go to Croatia.

It was nearly solved for “A Roaring Fire In The Fireplace” with every single letter on the board in except for three letters in “Fire__a_e.”

The Croatia wedge was the last one she picked up and she took a moment as the studio filled with gasps – she just needed to either pick one more letter or solve to go.

She then shockingly guessed an “S” 

The incorrect buzzer sound went off and Micki slumped into the wheel, looking immediately regretful.

The in-studio audience gasped and an understandably jolted Pat Sajak, 76, said: “Yeah you got the reaction, no ‘S.’”

The next contestant Luke then solved it and Micki could be heard moaning “ugh!” from off-screen.

Luke will go to Croatia instead, and viewers spun to Twitter in disbelief over the choice of an “S” with so much at stake.


One viewer tweeted: “The Million Dollar Wedge, the Wild Card, the XL wedge, AND a chance to get Croatia, but couldn’t get ‘Fireplace.’ I’d never want to leave the house ever again”

Another person posted: “This chick on Wheel of Fortune just now really thought fireplace was spelled with an S. Wild.

“Lost trip to Croatia, million dollar slip, and an extra letter on final bonus. Greed is wild. Shoulda just solved instead of try to spell cause she knew the world but wanted every letter.” wrote a third.

“Getting angry at Wheel of Fortune. Just another Friday night,” wrote a fourth fan.

“That is one of the most painful ‘S’ calls ever!” a fifth viewer agreed.


Two episodes ago, Angie Gautney, a teacher from North DeLand, Florida, was two letters away from another $7300.

She then made a baffling guess that went viral online.

She just had to fill in the remaining letters on a “Food and Drink” category puzzle that already spelled out “Warm toasted ba_els with lo_ and cream cheese.”

Angie correctly guessed the incomplete first word to be “bagels” but then guessed that the second was “low” instead of “lox,” as in the beloved east coast topping of salmon on a bagel.

“I’m gonna try to solve!” she said.

“Warm toasted bagels with low and cream cheese,” Angie shockingly announced.

“No, I’m sorry,” host Pat ruled – Another contestant Nina then quickly guessed an “X” and solved “Warm toasted bagel with lox and cream cheese.”

“Yeah, that’s a much better estimate” Pat joked.

“I think every Long Islander screamed in pain after hearing this guess,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Omg on Wheel of Fortune someone just guessed warm toasted bagels with LOW and cream cheese instead of lox that is so embarrassing I would never show my face again,” wrote another.

ABCMicki looked like she realized her wild mistake after the fact[/caption]

ABCThe audience gasped as Pat Sajak said: ‘Yeah you got the reaction, no ‘S.’[/caption]

ABCOn Wednesday’s episode a contestant guessed ‘low’ instead of ‘lox’ in another tragic moment[/caption]

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