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Travis Barker’s fans disgusted after he shares very graphic hospital photo taken during his hand surgery

Travis Barker’s fans disgusted after he shares very graphic hospital photo taken during his hand surgery

KOURTNEY Kardashian’s husband and drummer of Blink-182 Travis Barker has had hand surgery, and he shared detailed photos with his fans.

To update all of his fans on the status of his hand after postponing the Blink-182 tour, Travis made a post on Instagram.

Instagram/Travis BarkerTravis Barker shared an update on his recent hand surgery[/caption]

InstagramKourtney Kardashian took care of her husband while he prepared for the surgery[/caption]

The first photo in the set shows the drummer post-surgery lying in a hospital bed with a towel on his head.

His hand is completely encased in bandages, except for his pointer finger and the tips of his middle and ring finger.

In the caption, Travis thanked his fans for their support and announced that he would see everyone on tour soon.

His long caption read: “Thank you for all the love and prayers and understanding this week as I went into surgery. It was a hard decision to make but ultimately I couldn’t continue to play the drums without it.

“It was inevitable that my finger would have dislocated again without fixing the torn ligament surgically. So grateful for Dr. Shin and that my surgery was a success so that I can keep doing what I love and see you guys on tour soon.

“(trigger warning: last photo is hard to look at)”

The last photo the musician is referring to is of his finger mid-surgery.

He posted a pic of two metal instruments holding his skin and muscles apart so the surgeon could reach the ligament near the bone.

The incision is surrounded by purple ink that marked where the cut should be made, and there is a faded smiley face on the tip of his finger.


Some of the Kardashian husband’s more squeamish fans ignored his trigger warning and took a look at the photo anyway.

Some of them commented under the post complaining that they couldn’t unsee the photo.

One said: “Welp, now I understand why [Instagram] had me confirm to see that photo.”

Another commented: “I wish I could unsee that.”

A third wrote: “Now, WHY would you post that?!”

Someone said: “Gnarly pic. But I wish you a speedy recovery homie. Peace and love.”


The Blink-182 drummer had his hand operated on after he broke his ring finger in rehearsals.

That is why he’s been spotted wearing a brace recently and not his wedding ring.

Last week, Travis took fans inside his doctor’s appointment as he prepared for the surgery. In an uncomfortable video, a doctor snapped his ring finger bone back into place.

He asked Travis if he felt pain, and he replied: “I mean yeah, it’s painful.”

The father of three shared a photo of his finger before it was popped back into place, looking swollen and purple.

He uploaded a selfie once he had a cast on his hand, and then a final picture as he prepared for surgery to get the issue fixed for good.

Instagram/Travis BarkerTravis broke his finger while practicing for the upcoming Blink-182 tour[/caption]

Instagram/Travis BarkerA doctor snapped his finger back into place before the surgery[/caption]

Instagram/Travis BarkerTravis posted a very graphic photo of his finger in the middle of surgery[/caption]

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