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Today’s Dylan Dreyer slams Craig Melvin for being a ‘show-off’ during competitive segment live on air

Today’s Dylan Dreyer slams Craig Melvin for being a ‘show-off’ during competitive segment live on air

DYLAN Dreyer has called out her Today show co-host Craig Melvin for acting like a “show-off” during a recent live broadcast.

The pair have let viewers see their competitive sides during a tense fitness segment earlier in the week.

NBCCraig Melvin and Dylan Dreyer got competitive with one another during a fitness segment on the Today show earlier this week[/caption]

NBCDylan called Craig a ‘show off’ as he started doing push-ups during a segment about planks[/caption]

On Wednesday, the Today show had on fitness contributor Stephanie Mansour to give the hosts and fans at home some tips on how to kickstart the month with healthy habits.

She shared a few ideas on how best to navigate a new workout “challenge” for the month, including various workout moves to do.

After taking Al Roker for a short walk around set to get a little cardio in, Stephanie moved over to another fitness station with Craig and Dylan.

With them, she shared a few dumbbell arm exercises before hitting the mats for some body-weight moves.

Stephanie instructed the Today hosts to get into a plank position on their forearms, in order to work their abs.

“How you doin’, Craig,” she asked.

“Doing great,” he told her, before the contributor suggested he bump it up by taking the plank from his forearms to his hands.

He took on the challenge, as did Dylan.

Craig then decided to take it another step further and started doing push-ups, which was a much different move.

 “Are you doing push-ups, Craig,” Dylan turned to him and asked, before adding: “Are you gonna show off?”

Not wanting him to have all the fun, she joined in, too, and they started doing push-ups side by side.

As a teasing punishment for switching up the routine she had planned, Stephanie told them that they now had to go back to a plank and hold it “for the next five minutes.”

If the trainer’s comments weren’t enough to get Craig to not deviate from the routing again, Al’s teasing definitely was.

With Craig still in his plank position, Al snuck behind him, announced “hold on just a second” and pretended to take a seat on his colleague’s back.

Before Al could make contact, however, a panicked Craig yelled: “Oh, dude nah!” as he quickly lowered his knees to the yoga mat below.

Once on his feet, Craig told Al: “For a second there I really thought you were going to sit on my back.”

The popular weather presenter shrugged, replying “C’mon!” as if stating that the NBC News anchor should know better.

NBCAfterward, Al Roker teased Craig by pretending he was about to make it harder for the host by sitting on his back[/caption]

NBCThe meteorologist ended up not sitting on Craig’s back, though the host admitted he ‘really thought’ his colleague was going to do it[/caption]

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