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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska fans drool over her husband Cole DeBoer’s ‘hot’ brother Brock in rare family vacation photos

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska fans drool over her husband Cole DeBoer’s ‘hot’ brother Brock in rare family vacation photos

TEEN Mom star Cole DeBoer’s brother Brock has fans swooning after making a rare appearance in new photos.

The reality star took to his Instagram Stories on Friday to share snaps from his family getaway in Wyoming.

HGTVChelsea Houska’s brother-in-law Brock has fans swooning of her ‘hot’ looks in a rare photo[/caption]

Instagram / Cole DeBoerBrock is Chelsea’s husband Cole’s older brother and he joined the family on a getaway to Wyoming[/caption]

Instagram / Cole DeBoerCole shared photos from the trip on his Instagram Stories[/caption]

In one pic, Chelsea Houska‘s brother-in-law posed alongside Cole, 34, and the TV star’s kids, Watson, six, and Layne, four.

The brothers stood outside in the wintery scene with nothing but trees and a thick blanket of snow around them.

The group smiled for the shot donned in their cold weather gear, complete with hats and gloves.

Brock held his niece, Layne, who was also dressed warmly in a pink and blue snow outfit, while Watson, in his red snow gear, was captured adorably making a snow angel in the background.

Additional photos from the trip showed the gorgeous scenery, including a herd of elk and other wildlife.

And a couple of shots were of the entire family together, featuring Chelsea, 30, their youngest daughter, Walker, two, and the Teen Mom‘s 13-year-old daughter, Aubree, whom she shares with her ex-Adam Lind.

However, Brock appeared to be the only member fans had their eyes on, as many gushed over Cole’s older sibling in an online thread.

After one fan shared a snap of the brothers from the trip, others couldn’t help but comment on the 36-year-old’s “hot” looks.


The original poster captioned the pic: “Cole’s hot brother makes a return.”

A second user noted the brother’s uncanny resemblance, claiming they looked the “exact same” despite Brock’s long hair in the photo.

A third echoed: Looks like twins but one has a wig on for the day hahah.”

A fourth chimed in: “I seriously thought this was a photoshop joke and it was Cole with a wig hahah the DeBoer genes run strong eh?”


This is the second time fans have lusted over Brock’s looks in photos this week.

The LA-based artist has remained out of the public eye despite his brother’s career on reality TV.

But fans have kept tabs on the porcelain creator, and one shared his most recent Instagram photo to a message board.

In the image, Brock posed with his arms crossed while wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and black sneakers.

The influencer stood next to various pieces of his creation, including porcelain phones, shoes, stools, and sculptures.

The fan shared the picture with the caption: “Cole’s brother does some really interesting porcelain art.

“He also dabbles in thirst traps. Tacked one on at the end.”

Others raced to the comments section to share their opinions of the artist.

“I like it,” one agreed, while a second noted: “He looks like Elon musk.”

“D**n, he’s rocking the John Geigers…color me impressed,” another said of his clothing choice.

“Honestly kind of mesmerizing,” a third admitted, while another joked: “Thank you for this.”

InstagramDays earlier, fans gushed over Brock’s looks after he shared a snap showcasing his artwork[/caption]

Instagram/@coledeboerBrock is an LA-based artist who prefers to stay out of the public eye, despite his brother’s career on reality TV[/caption]

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