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Pregnant Joy-Anna Duggar breaks family’s modesty rules and shows off her baby bump in new photo

Pregnant Joy-Anna Duggar breaks family’s modesty rules and shows off her baby bump in new photo

JOY-ANNA Duggar has posted a new photo of her growing baby bump while simultaneously shattering her family’s modesty rules.

The new photo was shared on Joy-Anna’s Instagram Story, and it appears to have been taken in a kid’s room because of the bookcase behind her and the toy in front of the mirror.

InstagramJoy-Anna Duggar showed off her 28-week baby bump on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/ joy4siteWearing pants and flaunting your figure is against the Duggar dress code[/caption]

While her one hand held the phone, the other was placed on her baby bump as she turned to the side and smiled at the camera.

The TLC star’s hair was long and natural, she wore her glasses, and she was barefoot.

She was styled in a long-sleeve green shirt and distressed blue jeans that were cuffed at the ankle.

This outfit broke several of the modesty rules her parents Jim Bob and Michelle put into place for the women in their family.

The girls are not supposed to wear pants, and they are always supposed to look presentable. Ripped jeans don’t typically fall into the category of what is deemed presentable.

Her parents would also tell her that the shirt she’s wearing is too tight and shows off her figure.

Joy-Anna is pregnant with her third child. She also has Evelyn, 2, and Gideon, 4, with her husband Austin Forsyth.


The mother of two has faced a lot of harsh criticism in the past for her parenting choices.

Recently, the Counting On alum shared a photo of her kids playing in a bin full of dirty water.

In the photo, the siblings are sitting in a large black plastic tub that is filled with mucky brown water.

Gideon was wearing a black T-shirt, but his sister Evelyn was prepared for anything with her pink floaties.

According to Joy-Anna’s Instagram caption, she filled the plastic tub with several pots of boiling water to create a hot tub for her kids.

Fans were appalled by how dirty the water was, and one started a thread on a Duggar-themed message board about the photo.

One commenter joked: “Arkansas hot tub.”

A critic said: “That’s disgusting-looking water. I have so many questions. Plus why add boiling water? It’s 70+ outside. Just put them in a bath they’d at least be in clean water.”


That hot tub incident was not the first time the reality star faced judgment over her parenting decisions.

She was recently slammed for allowing her young son to play on a piece of heavy machinery.

Earlier this week, Joy-Anna shared a concerning photo of her son Gideon sitting on his fathers lap while they both were riding on a piece of heavy machinery.

She captioned the post: “Gideon loves anything that involves heavy equipment.”

A critic sarcastically wrote: “Heavy equipment? Does that sound…safe?”

A second commenter added: “Joy, he is too small to be working with heavy equipment!”

Another hater chimed in: “How did he go from coloring outside the lines to operating ‘heavy equipment?’”

Duggarfamilyblog.comJim Bob and Michelle Duggar enforced strict modesty rules in their family[/caption]

Instagram/joy4siteJoy-Anna’s partenting decisions have been questioned several times in the past[/caption]

Instagram/joy4siteJoy-Anna has allowed her children to play in dirty water and on heavy machinery[/caption]

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