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Little People fans concerned for Tori and Zach Roloff’s son Jackson, 5, due to detail in new photo 1 year post-surgery

Little People fans concerned for Tori and Zach Roloff’s son Jackson, 5, due to detail in new photo 1 year post-surgery

JACKSON Roloff’s appearance in a new pic has worried fans after they notice his legs haven’t been fixed despite surgery.

Little People‘s Jackson was captured in a photo with his parents, Tori, 31, and Zach, 32.

InstagramFans were worried by a new photo of five-year-old Jackson Roloff[/caption]

InstagramIn the photo the young boy’s legs were clearly bent, despite having had surgery to aid the issue[/caption]

In the image posted to Instagram Stories, Jackson stood next to his father on the roof of a newly-built floor of one of their buildings.

The family’s $1 million dollar home is currently undergoing huge renovations.

The snap was captioned: “We have a second story [sic]!!”

The pair smiled from the edge of the exposed structure, with both dressed casually and wrapped up for the overcast weather.

However, Jackson’s bowed legs caught the attention of the family’s fans.

After the image was reposted on Reddit, many people were quick to comment about their concern.

One person asked: “Is Jackson purposely standing with his legs bent out like that?”

Another replied: “No… I swear they’ve gotten worse after surgery.”

A third fan shared: I’m so confused about the outcome of Jackson’s leg surgery… did it make them even a little better? Worse?

“I cannot imagine that to be comfortable to walk that way… his hips, knees, and ankles must surely be in pain – if not now then certainly over time.”

A replier clarified: “It’s not a quick fix, it will hopefully affect how they grow from now on, not straighten them immediately.

“They won’t know for a while if it was helpful or not.”

Many emphasized their worry for the five-year-old‘s comfort.

One such fan wrote: “Makes me sad. I hope he’s not in pain.”

Another added: “That has to be so uncomfortable,” and a reply read simply: “Poor Jackson.”


Zach and Tori have explained that Jackson’s surgery wasn’t necessarily going to ensure an easy fix.

At the beginning of last year, Tori explained the procedure on Insta: “He had plates put on his growth plates. Nothing changed immediately.

“As his legs grow, they will hopefully straighten, and we will avoid a more invasive surgery.”

In June, she also stated: “We won’t know how successful the surgery was for a couple of years, as it’s something that happens slowly and over time.”

Later on in November, Zach revealed that they still hadn’t seen any clear results post-op.

During a Q&A with his fans, when asked about Jackson he shared: “He’s good. It’s tough because the screws in his legs help straighten the leg as he grows.

“Well for him, he maybe grows [an] inch a year so it’s tough to see and won’t be obvious for a while. [An] Average person with the same surgery, you would see the difference a lot quicker.”

TLCJackson’s surgery was intended to help his legs straighten as they grow, rather than being an immediate fix[/caption]

YouTubeThe most recent pic sparked concern that Jackson’s legs were paining him[/caption]

TLCZach and Tori have both expressed the fact that the results of the surgery – and whether it has or hasn’t helped – won’t be clear for some time[/caption]

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