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Inside Teen Mom stars’ messiest kitchens featuring Chelsea Houska’s food-splattered table and Jenelle Evans’ dirty sink

Inside Teen Mom stars’ messiest kitchens featuring Chelsea Houska’s food-splattered table and Jenelle Evans’ dirty sink

TEEN Mom fans have slammed the show’s cast, dragging their homes and their messy kitchens.

Several members of the famous franchise have purchased lavish homes, showing them off on social media to major criticism.

RedditTeen Mom stars like Jenelle Evans have been slammed for their homes[/caption]

Instagram/ aubree.saysCritics mock the MTV stars, accusing them of having messy houses[/caption]

The stars of Teen Mom have grown up and so have their children.

In many cases, their families have grown and they’ve moved on to homes big enough for their growing broods.

Chelsea Houska, who was introduced to fans on 16 & Pregnant, was among the first to purchase a lavish home.

She brought fans along for the building process despite the fact that many were critical of her style.

Jenelle Evans also owns a home on a massive plot of land.

While the two stars are drastically different and viewed in very different ways by fans, there’s one thing they have in common: Both have been slammed for their “messy” homes.

They’re not alone, either.

Online critics regularly attack members of the show’s cast for their housekeeping – especially when it comes to the kitchen.

Here are all the times Teen Mom critics slammed the MTV stars’ homes.


Instagram/ aubree.saysChelsea took to Instagram Live to film herself and her kids cooking and leaving a mess[/caption]

In celebration of Valentine’s Day last month, Chelsea took to her brand Aubree Says’ Instagram for a live session.

She, along with her husband Cole DeBoer and kids Aubree, 14, Watson, Layne, and Walker, attempted to make chocolate-covered strawberries together.

While doing so, the family made a massive mess and fans took notice.

Melted chocolate dripped all over the counter, full strawberries were dropped in the chocolate, sprinkles and toppings when everywhere and everyone wound up covered in a little bit of everything.

One joked: “No one noticed Layne dropping the whole strawberry in the chocolate.”

Others just gushed over the sweet family.

One fan wrote: “Love your little family, love your new show!!”

Someone else commented: “Lovely family. Aubree is so grown up. So happy for you.”


RedditJenelle was slammed for having stacks of dirty dishes on display[/caption]

Jenelle is no stranger to controversy or criticism.

While Teen Mom viewers often attack her for her parenting or promoting her OnlyFans, she also faces regular criticism for how she maintains the inside and outside of her home.

Back in 2021, the star accidentally showed off a sink full of dirty dishes.

Jenelle took to social media to show herself and David Eason preparing for a date night at home together.

In the clip, David was seen preparing chicken wings and carrots.

Reddit users couldn’t help but focus on anything but the filthy display in the background.

“This picture made me get up and deep clean my kitchen,” one user wrote.

“She has to empty the dishwasher AND open the blinds every morning,” another sarcastically commented, seemingly referencing Jenelle’s unemployment status. “She doesn’t have that kind of time.”

Other fans criticized Jenelle’s use of the hashtag “#kidfree.”

One wrote: “They’re literally always kid free … the kids are outside doing what the f**k ever … Jenelle is loving the negative attention from posting things like this it’s pathetic.”

A fourth user dragged Jenelle’s supposed “date night” concept. 

“I could be wrong but isn’t it kind of ALWAYS date night when neither of you have jobs or really take care of your kids?”


Youtube / The Davis FamilyCheyenne Floyd moved in 2022, showing off her mountain of boxes[/caption]

Cheyenne Floyd moved into a palatial pad with her husband Zach Davis late in 2022.

During the move, she showed off the inside of their home, revealing stacks of boxes everywhere.

In a video posted to social media, she joked that her Los Angeles bungalow looked like a “dungeon” because of the mess.

Other surfaces were covered in piles of stuff, with various items crowding the table and shelves in the kitchen. 

Cheyenne said, “We’re finally back home to our dungeon of boxes,” as she got into the house with Zach and their son Ace.

She added: “We’ve been packing our house for a while and the problem is when Zach packed, he literally just packed everything.

“So I’ve been feeding our family of like three pots for the past week because he packed up all the pots and pans.

“It’s been kind of a struggle to get anything done around here.”

Zach revealed he was throwing out items they didn’t need anymore, like chargers and cables.

Commenting on the mess around him, he said: “Our pile of madness is growing and it’s starting to snake into the den area.”

Instagram/downhomedeboersChelsea’s home has been critiqued as messy and ugly[/caption]

YouTube/the davis familyCheyenne continues showing off her home after clearing the clutter[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/@j_eveas1219Jenelle often takes heat from fans, not just for how she keeps house[/caption]

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