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GMA’s Janai Norman sparks concern with cryptic post about ‘being a stressed out career woman’ after ‘childhood trauma’

GMA’s Janai Norman sparks concern with cryptic post about ‘being a stressed out career woman’ after ‘childhood trauma’

JANAI Norman has sparked concern with Good Morning America fans after she shared a cryptic post.

The post talked about being a “stressed out career woman” after experiencing “childhood trauma.”

GMAJanai Norman sparked concern after sharing a post about childhood trauma[/caption]

Instagram/ janai.normanShe did not leave another caption on it, but the video spoke for itself[/caption]

On Friday, Janai shared a video on her Instagram story.

In it, water fell from a waterfall and a voice-over talked about trauma.

“Excessive overthinking is usually a trauma response to a childhood where you were criticized too much,” the voice said.

“To avoid being told off by your parents, to keep your peace in a chaotic household, you learned to be hyper-vigilant.”

They continued: “To read their energy. To predict all the possible outcomes. To create SOME level of safety for yourself.”

“But the irony here is that overthinking is a deeply unsafe thing to do.”

“It sends signals to your system that you do not trust yourself or the process of your life,” they went on.

“Because you’re disconnected from your intuition, you feel like you’re not enough.”

“So you become a stressed-out career chaser trying to prove yourself,” it said.

“An anxious people pleaser, an emotional eater who struggles to lose weight, reacting as an adult as the confused and scared child that you once were.”

The video ended: “Teach your inner child that you are loved, you are safe, you are good enough, and you are safe to relax.”

“Everything will change.”

The GMA host did not add her own caption to the post or say anything else about it.


Janai has been filling in on GMA3 since Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were let go due to their affair.

She also fills in on the regular show from time to time when hosts are out.

Last month, she, Eva Pilgrim, and Whit Johnson sat in for the regular hosts.

Janai called out her co-hosts for “completely failing” during a trivia segment.

During an edition of Hometown Trivia, the 33-year-old read from a pink notecard as she revealed she had some fun quiz questions related to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As Eva used to live there, Whit and Janai teased her that she should know the answers.

For the first question, Janai asked: “This famous singer and Philly native was a member of the first Black vocal group to land the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

“Before reaching solo success for songs like New Attitude.”

Once she was done reading her notecard, Whit and Eve just continued to look at her in silence.

The GMA hosts appeared to be thinking hard about their responses, but nothing seemed to come to mind.

“Shame, shame,” Janai told them, before finally revealing that the correct answer was Patti LaBelle.

Whit only said: “Oh!”

Eva, meanwhile, seemed upset that she didn’t know the answer.

She exclaimed: “Oh! Of course, Ms. Patti LaBelle. Oh, that’s so horrible, I’m embarrassed.”

Janai then went on to ask the final trivia question, where she asked her co-hosts to give her the name of the movie starring Bradley Cooper that featured the actor singing with Lady Gaga.

Once again, Whit and Eva were completely stumped, leaving Janai to “shame” them once more.

“A Star Is Born,” she revealed was the right response.


Despite posting about feeling stressed, Janai always seems to have fun on set and behind the scenes with her co-hosts.

At the end of January, she was caught cursing in a social media clip.

The anchor revealed someone’s “shady” behavior when she took fans behind the scenes with her as she got ready for an episode of GMA in a TikTok video.

The ABC personality titled her flick “Come With Me to Good Morning America.”

In the clip, the news anchor had under-eye masks on while she got glammed up with makeup and had her hair styled.

After Janai finished being coiffed by her hair and makeup team, she headed to her dressing room, showing fans the outfit she was wearing for the show.

The outfit chosen was a satin copper-colored dress accessorized with a gold waistline belt.

Janai topped off the look with gold heels.

Midway through the video, the reporter sat in her dressing room to “look over” the morning show’s script.

She admitted that she was “changing” things in her script to “put it” more in her “language.”

During the video, someone knocked on her dressing room door while she was making adjustments to the script.

When she opened the door, she let the man behind it know that she was making a TikTok as he came in.

Janai seemingly edited their interaction out of the clip, only showing her kicking him out because she had “work to do.”

As he was leaving, he said something under his breath which Janai heard.

The journalist exclaimed that the unnamed man was “shady” because he told her, “back to your 200 followers.”

Right now, Janai has 243 TikTok followers.

A concerned Janai asked into the camera: “There are gonna be more of you soon right?”

She then jokingly called the man who came to her room a “mother-f**ker.”

The rest of the TikTok showed her off-air behind the news desk on the GMA set.

Instagram/ janai.normanIt talked about being stressed out in someone’s career after experiencing trauma as a child[/caption]

ABCShe couldn’t get over how her co-hosts didn’t know the answers to simple trivia questions[/caption]

GettyJanai has been filling in on GMA3 after Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were let go from the show[/caption]

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