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Who does Peter Scanavino play on Law and Order?

Who does Peter Scanavino play on Law and Order?

DOMINICK ‘Sonny’ Carisi was initially meant to appear for a few episodes on Law & Order: SVU, but he is now a character lead.

Now in its 24th season, Law & Order: SVU is the longest-running primetime drama series of all time.

Getty Images – GettyPeter Scanavino plays Sonny Carisi on Law and Order: SVU[/caption]

Who does Peter Scanavino play on Law and Order?

Peter Scanavino plays detective-turned-prosecutor Sonny Carisi, Assistant District Attorney.

Sonny Carisi began his career with the SVU in 2014, the show’s 16th season.

In an article by Distractify, Scanavino described his character at the beginning of his career with the SVU.

He said: “He’s brusk and he doesn’t really get the nuances and he’s not very experienced so he puts his foot in his mouth a lot of times.

“But he’s learning. He’s picking it up. I think he’s a good detective, but he’s got a lot to learn on how to approach cases.”

Scanavino was supposed to be brought in for only three episodes, while detective Nick Amaro was temporarily demoted to a patrol officer.

His brash attitude was intended to shake up the squad.

It was reported that the role of Carisi was written for Scanavino, who eventually took over as the lead male detective when Nick Amaro left the show.

He later went to law school and passed the New York bar exam, before moving over to become the Assistant District Attorney.

Why do some fans think Peter Scanavino is leaving Law and Order?

The end of season 23 saw an ending that no one was expecting.

Detective Amanda Rollins and ADA Carisi got married, but not before Rollins could tell Olivia Benson that she was planning on leaving the squad.

She had a new job, which some fans thought might mean moving away.

But it was later revealed that the detective had taken a position as a professor at Fordham University.

Fordham University is located in New York City, and Carisi continued with season 24.

GettyFans were worried that Detective Amanda Rollins leaving the squad right after marrying Carisi might cause him to leave the show too[/caption]

When does Law & Order: SVU return?

Fans of the show may have noticed that a re-run episode ran on March 2, 2023.

Re-runs will continue until March 23, when season 24 will return with fresh episodes.

Law & Order: SVU airs on Thursdays at 9pm ET.

It is then available the next day on Peacock.

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