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Wheel of Fortune fans are all saying new contestant is ‘dressed just like’ a famous TV star in ‘high energy’ new episode

Wheel of Fortune fans are all saying new contestant is ‘dressed just like’ a famous TV star in ‘high energy’ new episode

WHEEL of Fortune fans who tuned in to Tuesday’s “high energy” episode had fun with the contestants and with one gentleman’s outfit.

More than one viewer posted that Devin, who lost to the high-scoring Amanda, was “dressed like the grandson of the Six Flags guy.”

ABCWheel of Fortune fans said Devin’s outfit made him look like a certain someone[/caption]

One person tweeted: ‘I see you invited the grandson of the Six Flags guy on the show tonight!’

Devin, who wore a red bowtie and giant glasses, faced Christine and Amanda in the memorable Wheel of Fortune episode.

The Halifax, Virginia-based player announced that “Virginia is for lovers” in his interview portion, coming on strong.

So did Amanda from San Jose, California who said she enjoys “swimming and floating.”

Amanda made a wash of impressive solves and mid-way through the episode borrowed Devin’s handkerchief from his inner suit pocket when she landed on a bankrupt wedge.

When Devin got a toss-up puzzle his two rivals held his hands in celebration. 

Pat Sajak, 76, called them all a “lively group” and Amanda then won a trip to Hawaii and went to the bonus round with a sky-high $40K.

When dismissing Devin, the host also used the contestant’s “hankie” as well to ‘Pat’ his eyes.

“I got to stand between two beautiful women so it was nice!” Devin said, everyone with winning attitudes.

Amanda then waved to her husband before the bonus round and Pat said her husband was an excellent waver – she said: “That’s why I love him so much.”

Pat laughed and said: “…Spin the wheel.”

Amanda then got the bonus puzzle as “Homecoming parade” earning $85K total.


Fans were impressed by her winning moves, loved the cast of characters, and yes, admitted that Devin looked familiar to theme park fans or TV commercial experts.

One viewer Tweeted: “Want to feel old? This is the Six Flags guy’s great-grandson.”

“I see you invited the grandson of the SixFlags guy on the show tonight!” tweeted another.

“What a fun bunch of contestants tonight. Quite the characters,” applauded a third.

And a fourth person tweeted: “Amanda is my kind of woman! Energetic, rich, and she knows the alphabet.”

ABCPat Sajak called the contestants a ‘lively group’[/caption]

ABCThey all held hands when the reminiscent Devin got a puzzle correct[/caption]

ABCAmanda won a huge total of $85K after getting this bonus puzzle as ‘Homecoming Parade’[/caption]

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