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Today’s Craig Melvin ‘cries on the inside’ after being hit with question that ‘hurts’

Today’s Craig Melvin ‘cries on the inside’ after being hit with question that ‘hurts’

CRAIG Melvin of TODAY has shared a recent conversation that had him “crying on the inside.”

The 53-year-old NBC reporter told his Twitter followers he did not “respond” to or “correct” this unexpected jab.

Instagram/@craigmelvinnbcMelvin’s son Delano Melvin, born in March 2014, made his dad feel old when he didn’t know about an instant dinner classic[/caption]

GettyMelvin is a longtime TODAY host[/caption]

Melvin shared the details from the conversation with his young son Delano Melvin, born March 10, 2014, about a nostalgic dinner-made-easy favorite that the little boy knew nothing about.

“I just informed my son I’m making Hamburger Helper from scratch for dinner,” Melvin told Twitter.

“His response? ‘Is that a 90s food?’ I didn’t respond or correct him but I’m crying on the inside.”

The internet quickly spewed their memories with the boxed noodle dinner.

“Welcome to the Dads night to cook club,” one comment read.

“This was my staple when the wife was away.”

Another insisted that Melvin’s son Del got the decade wrong altogether.

The Twitter user said: “I think that’s a 70s food brah. I had that in college 5 nights a week.”

A third comment called out the reporter’s use of an instant meal. They added: “Isn’t ‘hamburger helper’ and ‘from scratch’ mutually exclusive?”

One fan patted Melvin on the back: “At least you are turning on the stove instead of going through the drive through.”

They added: “My kids were born in the 70s. They were not harmed at all by Hamburger Helper.”

Del is Melvin’s oldest child; he and ESPN sports reporter Lindsay Czarniak, 45, also share a daughter named Sybil, according to Closer Weekly.

Melvin’s tweet comes just after some buzzy on-air high jinks for the fun-loving and his co-host.

Recently, he playfully screamed in fear after narrowly escaped a threat from 68-year-old Today icon Al Roker.

During a show segment that featured expert Stephanie Mansour showing viewers a fitness challenge, she had Melvin and 41-year-old NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer practice an abdominal plank on the floor.

This strength exercise is when a person engages core muscles while holding their body parallel to the floor, holding fast with just their hands and toes.

Showing off his physical capabilities, Melvin lowered to the floor, performing several push-ups before resting back in the plank position.

Co-host Roker, who returned recently to the show after a lengthy medical leave, said “hold on a second,” while he mimicked sitting on Melvin’s back.

Roker did not have time to so much as touch his fellow reporter before he yelled “Oh dude, nah!”

He stood up and told Roker: “For a second there I really thought you were going to sit on my back.”

To imply an “as if” tone, the legendary weather presenter said “C’mon!”

GettyRoker (left) and Melvin (middle) work alongside each other on NBC’s Today. The two were recently reunited on air after Roker’s long health absence from the job came to a close[/caption]

Instagram/Lindsay CzarniakMelvin and his wife Lindsay Czarniak have a daughter named Sybil in addition to their son Delano[/caption]

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