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Teen Mom star Bristol Palin sparks concern after she shares scary new photos of son Tripp, 14, in hospital bed

Teen Mom star Bristol Palin sparks concern after she shares scary new photos of son Tripp, 14, in hospital bed

TEEN Mom Bristol Palin has left fans concerned after sharing a scary snap of her son Tripp in a hospital bed.

The MTV alum’s eldest child keeps out of the spotlight, especially after his mom walked away from the reality TV franchise.

Instagram Bristol PalinTeen Mom star Bristol Palin left fans scared with a pic of her son Tripp[/caption]

MTVThe MTV alum revealed that her son ‘shattered’ his thumb[/caption]

Bristol, 32, took to her Instagram Story to share a terrifying update on her son Tripp, 14.

She posted a photo of the teen laying in a hospital bed.

He had one arm out and off to his side and appeared to have his hoodie up around his neck to expose his arm.

Tripp had an IV in and had medical items laying all around him.

His face was red and he looked straight into the camera, not cracking a smile.

Bristol revealed the extent of his injuries in her post, writing: “Poor baby shattered his thumb this morning.”

She shared a second photo with a little more info.

In that post, Tripp was smiling ever-so-slightly and had his eyes closed.

The Teen Mom alum assured fans: “He’s fine…

“He accidentally hit the throttle while cleaning the chain on his e-bike..”

Bristol went on: “They go 50+ mph, so it was zipped up pretty quick.”

She noted: “(Could’ve been way worse)”


Bristol shares Tripp with her ex-fiancé Levi Johnston.

Since their split. Levi has been keeping a very low profile.

He is rarely seen in public and doesn’t have as large a social media presence as his ex.

Earlier this month he made a rare appearance on social media during a trip to Hawaii with his current partner, Sunny Johnston.

The real estate agent shared a video on her Instagram Stories of her husband’s awkward reaction to wearing a wetsuit.

Sunny filmed Levi, who was clearly not liking the skintight outfit as he sat in a chair, barely moving.

He paired the look with flip flops, a backward baseball cap, and his arms and legs exposing his collection of tattoos.

“How are you feeling, Levi?” Sunny asked her husband, who looked less-than-enthused about his ensemble.

With a serious expression, Levi whispered, “Stop,” prompting Sunny to giggle and poke fun at the situation.

“It’s nice and tight,” she joked, following him with the camera.

“Are you supposed to be able to breathe?” he asked, this time cracking a smile.

“Unzip it a little, maybe?” Sunny suggested – Levi did just that, though he was still displeased.

“It’s hotter than Satan,” he laughed, encouraging her to feel the sweat accumulated on his chest from the suit.

Sunny, 27, found her husband’s reaction amusing and poked fun at their differences, writing: “Opposites attract lol sound on.” 

Minutes earlier, the blonde-haired beauty shared a boomerang of herself donning a blue and black wetsuit, looking completely unbothered by the tight fit.

She added the caption: “For everyone asking yes, I’m back in HI. This time the big island.” 


Bristol and Levi’s only child, Tripp, also keeps a somewhat low profile.

Occasionally, the star will share a photo of her son online.

In January 2022, she celebrated his 13th birthday by spoiling the boy with pricey gifts.

She documented his reaction on Instagram.

In the video, Bristol surprised her eldest child with Gucci slides.

She captioned the post: “Some late bday presents.”

The teen smiled as he inspected the shoes, unwrapping the paper inside the box and bringing one slide close to his face.

He appeared pleased with that and his other gifts.

Instagram/Bristol PalinShe shares Tripp with ex Levi Johnston, who stays out of the spotlight[/caption]

Instagram/Bristol PalinBristol’s son, likewise, is not often seen[/caption]

Instagram @bsmp2Bristol shares a lot online since leaving Teen Mom, including her kids[/caption]

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