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Kim Kardashian was ‘given $250K in cash in a trash bag’ after meeting Malaysian financier Jho Low in Las Vegas

Kim Kardashian was ‘given $250K in cash in a trash bag’ after meeting Malaysian financier Jho Low in Las Vegas

KIM Kardashian was once given $250,000 cash in a trash bag after gambling with Jho Low, according to FBI documents.

The reality star 42, has been linked to the disgraced Malaysian financier on numerous occasions over the years.

GettyKim Kardashian (left) recieved $250,000 cash in a trash bag at a Las Vegas casino[/caption]

GettyShe collected the winnings after gambling with disgraced financier Jho Low[/caption]

Kim received the cash after gambling with Jho at a casino in Las Vegas in 2019, according to a new Bloomberg Businessweek report on the previously undisclosed documents.

Kim told the FBI that she, Jho, and two The Wolf of Wall Street producers were playing baccarat in a private room until past 5am.

When the Skims boss announced she was getting ready to leave, a friend told her to stay because he had “heard stories of Jho giving people chips at the end of the night.”

Remaining at the table, Kim then won big on one game, and tried to give “all of her chips back” to Jho.

But when he refused, she went to cash out her $350,000 winnings.

Bizarrely, she was given $250,000 in one-hundred dollar bills in a trash bag at the counter.

Kim flew back to Los Angeles on a commercial flight with the cash in a holdall.

She received the remaining $100,000 in another trash bag during a later trip to Sin City where she again partied with Jho.

But this wouldn’t be her only encounter with the alleged embezzler.

When Kim married Kris Humphries in 2011, the FBI papers claim that she was given $305,00 in cash as a wedding gift from Jho.

She then used the money to buy a white Ferrari.

She later sold this car and used the money to buy a Lamborghini in her third husband Kanye West’s name.


But the rapper found Jho to be “fickle”, according to the FBI docs.

The reports recount one incident in which Jho texted Kim offering to give her a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

But Kanye instructed his wife to reply that “they don’t like Basquiat and instead wanted a Monet.”

This was to “mess with” Jho because they both “never expected to actually receive a painting,” according to the FBI docs.

The U.S. Sun has contacted a representative for Kim to comment.

But she isn’t the only A-lister who had links to Jho.


Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, was also quizzed by the FBI after Jho promised to donate a Roy Lichtenstein artwork for the actor’s fundraiser and allegedly tried to help fund The Wolf Of Wall Street.

However, Jho’s company Red Granite Pictures failed and was not involved in the movie

He also never donated the promised art to Leo’s foundation, following which the star “started to distance himself” from Jho.

“He was embarrassed,” the FBI docs note.

The report did not find any incidents of wrongdoing from either Kim or Leo.

“These celebrities didn’t do work for this criminal,” a source told Page Six.

“In many cases they were actually just duped themselves.”

Jho is currently at the center of an embezzlement scandal and is an intentional fugitive after he allegedly scammed $700million from the 1MBD fund.

GettyKim partied with Jho on more than one ocassion in Las Vegas[/caption]

The Mega AgencyShe purchased a white Ferrari with the $305,000 cash he gave her as a wedding gift[/caption]

GettyLeonardo DiCaprio has also been linked to Jho, who promised the actor a donation for his fundraiser and allegedly tried to help fund The Wolf Of Wall Street[/caption]

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