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Jeopardy! fans are ‘thrilled’ about new UK spinoff’s host Stephen Fry- but are concerned with show’s major change

Jeopardy! fans are ‘thrilled’ about new UK spinoff’s host Stephen Fry- but are concerned with show’s major change

JEOPARDY! fans are excited that Stephen Fry has scored the hosting gig for its new spinoff across the pond.

Some internet users, however, don’t understand why the new U.K. version needs to be an hour long instead of the classic 30 minutes.

GettyStephen Fry will be hosting a Jeopardy! spinoff in the U.K. this fall[/caption]

NBCOne fan tweeted on the decision to ‘Daily Double’ its run time: ‘You don’t have to do that’[/caption]

On Monday, it was announced that actor Stephen Fry would be hosting a UK version of Jeopardy! for the network ITV.

The game show is set to air this fall – will indeed be called Jeopardy! – and 20 episodes have been ordered.

Stephen said in a statement that he’s a fan of the long-running show and is ready to go.

“Whenever I’m in America, I do my damnedest to catch it every weekday. The idea of hosting it here in the UK makes me dizzy with delight.

“Such a dedicated quizzing nation as ours will, I hope, welcome this uniquely beguiling and endlessly rewarding game.”

Ken Jennings – who currently hosts the show with Mayim Bialikshared his thoughts on the news too in a hilariously humble tweet.

He wrote: “Nothing gives you imposter syndrome quite like sharing a job description with Stephen Fry…”


The U.K. version will be an hour long whereas the U.S. version is, of course, a tight half hour.

ITV said in a statement per Deadline: “The new show will allow participants to play an extra round compared to the original format, increasing the stakes for the players.”

Longtime viewers took to various internet forums where they wrung their hands over the “extra round.”

Many expressed that they don’t want the beloved show messed with – and felt it could have just stayed the classic length.

One fan Tweeted: “An extra round is being forged for the rebooted UK version. You don’t have to do that. Promise.”

Another wrote on Reddit: “I hope this ‘extra round’ is just Triple Jeopardy.”

Another agreed: “I will expect this to be similar to Celebrity Jeopardy! in format and pacing, except with harder clues, perhaps even harder than the U.S. syndicated show.”

A third wrote: “Quite Interesting. Not a fan of them tinkering with the format again, but Fry seems like a good match. Assuming he’s up to the pace of reading all the clues.”

A fourth fan gushed: “I can’t wait to see this version. QI is one of my favorites and he was great at keeping things moving naturally.”

Others applauded the host pick as one wrote: “Excellent choice,” and another: I would watch Stephen Fry read the dictionary.”

Co-host Mayim helmed the recent spinoff Celebrity Jeopardy!, and the show added “Triple Jeopardy!” for the first time – fans are pleading that the new version will just do that.

“Triple Jeopardy!” entailed dollar amounts being increased and three “Daily Doubles” but was in essence, just an extension, since the special was also an hour.


As The U.S. Sun broke down in the video above, Stephen was born in Hampstead, London, in 1957 and is an actor, author, and comedian.

He shot to fame as one half of the comic double act Fry and Laurie with collaborator and best friend Hugh Laurie.

The pair – who have remained friends over the years – became pals at Cambridge University.

Aside from comedy, Stephen is also a talented actor and won a Golden Globe for his lead performance in the 1997 film Wilde.

His other big movie roles include Gosford Park (2001), The Hobbit (2013), and Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016).

QI (short for Quite Interesting) is a British comedy panel game quiz show and he was its original host, helming the series from 2003 until 2016.

Stephen is also an author and has released a whopping 17 books over the years.

But despite his superstar status, he likes to keep his personal life private.

But we do know that Stephen wed comedian and writer Elliott Spencer, who is 30 years his junior, back in 2015.

In February 2018 Stephen revealed that he had spent two months secretly battling prostate cancer.

He confirmed that he underwent a life-saving operation in January 2018 and was now cancer-free.


Actress Mayim is now splitting hosting duties with 74-time winner Ken after longtime legend Alex Trebek‘s tragic death in 2020.

However, many fans want only Ken to be the permanent host, as they’ve made it no secret Mayim isn’t as quick as her counterpart.

One quantifiable issue with Mayim is her cadence; namely, her pause when deeming a contestant correct or not on nearly every clue.

Mayim takes her sweet time before saying “that is correct” – especially on a “Daily Double” and it’s impacting her cause, the contestants, and viewing enjoyment.

“Alex Trebek believed the show was about the contestants, not the hosts.” one fan recently defended on Twitter.

To which another replied: “It’s not about Ken, but it is about the flow of the show. I’ve watched since 1964, and it’s a different show with Mayim.”

A third wrote: “Jeopardy, stop trying to make Mayim happen. It’s not going to happen.”

Jeopardy! fans agreed they would ‘would watch Stephen Fry read the dictionary’ as the famous Brit has a vast resumeGetty – ContributorKen Jennings, who splits hosting duties with Mayim Bialik, joked he has ‘imposter syndrome’ himselfFoxHowever, fans don’t understand why the U.K. version needs to be an hour-long – ‘I hope this extra round is just Triple Jeopardy’ one worried[/caption]

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