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Jeopardy! contestants roasted by fans for completely botching an entire category in brutal display

Jeopardy! contestants roasted by fans for completely botching an entire category in brutal display

JEOPARDY! fans have had a field day with a sports-themed round that went as poorly as possible on Thursday’s episode.

The three contestants failed to get a single answer under the category “In The Sports.”

Mayim Bialik hosted a sports round that went zero for fiveJEOPARDY! / ABCJEOPARDY! / ABCThe college-aged contestants had no idea about the terms for ‘baseball’ and ‘hockey’ – the internet lost it[/caption]

Caleb Richmond, a sophomore at Georgetown University, faced Maggie Brown, a sophomore at the University of West Florida, and Hannah Nekritz, a senior at Brandeis University.

The category listed unconventional sports terms relating to one individual sport and the contestants had to identify each one.

Sadly, it went zero for five, and there were some interesting tries that were gently benched by host Mayim Bialik, 47.

In chronological order, the first clue selected was for $1000 and read: “Chukker, Gag Bit, Mallet, A Lot Of Money.”


Hannah guessed “roulette” and Caleb then guessed “horse racing.”

“No, that would be “Polo,” Mayim somberly ruled.

Next for $800, the clue read: “Penalty Killing, Plus-Minus, The Five-Hole, ‘The Biscuit’ (That’s What Everyone’s Chasing).”

Mayim broke the silence after no one buzzed in to say: “That’s hockey.”

The clue for $600 read: “Eight-Count, Accidental Butt, Cutman (For Said Accidental Butt).”

“That’s boxing,” Mayim said when no one buzzed in once more.

The clue for $400 read: “Best Ball, Casual Water, Closed Face & – The Absolute Worst – Shank.”

Caleb guessed: “What is water polo?” – “That’s golf,” Mayim said.

At that point, Caleb became an MVP attitude-wise when he picked the $200 clue by saying he wanted to “get rid of” the category.

It read: “Inherited Runners, Appeal Play, Pickoff,” and was looking for “baseball” and once more, no even guessed.

The contestant then predicted: “the internet’s gonna love that.”


“Yes, yes we did,” one fan wrote under the clip posted by the game show.

Another tweeted: “It absolutely rules when there’s a sports category in Jeopardy! and they whiff on all five questions.”

A third wrote: “Nothing drives me crazier than when no one knows the answer to sports questions on Jeopardy!.”

And a fourth person tweeted: “Sports category on Jeopardy! is the best thing ever on television every time.”

“‘The Internet’s gonna LOVE that’ He wasn’t wrong,” agreed a fifth Twitter user.

“The only I got correct was Polo because of the word mallet,” commiserated a sixth as one more wondered: “How do you not get baseball? LMAO.”

Sports rounds historically result in sheer misery (unless Amy Schneider is competing, one could argue).

When Alex Trebek was host, all three contestants infamously got pummeled by a category called “Talkin’ football.”

The late Alex was a little sterner and told the players after they didn’t even guess for any of the five: “I can tell you are football fans,” and “Let’s look at the $1000 clue just for the fun.”


Mayim is currently hosting the High School Reunion Tournament featuring 27 former Teen Tournament contestants who first duked it out in 2018 and 2019.

Now in its second week, the eventual winner will get $100,000 and a slot in the 2023 Tournament of Champions.

On Monday, longtime producer Sarah Foss cleared the board on the hosting schedule for the rest of the season on the show’s podcast.

It was announced that Ken Jennings, 48, will be back after Mayim’s three-week tournament, but not for very long.

“Ken Jennings will be back on March 10th and then he will continue the rest of his syndicated run which will take us through April 28th.

“Then Mayim will take over on May 1st and she’ll take us all the way through the summer.”

JEOPARDY! / ABCCaleb Richmond joked: ‘The internet’s gonna love that’ – one YouTube user wrote: ‘yes, we did’[/caption]

Jeopardy!Alex Trebek hosted an infamous 0/5 round of ‘Talkin’ Football’ – he told the contestants: ‘I can tell you are football fans’[/caption]

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