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Inside Honey Boo Boo’s much older boyfriend Dralin Carswell’s dark past including statutory rape and DUI arrests

Inside Honey Boo Boo’s much older boyfriend Dralin Carswell’s dark past including statutory rape and DUI arrests

HONEY BOO BOO, 17, has been dating her 21-year-old boyfriend Dralin Carswell since early 2021.

But her beau has a dark past including a DUI arrest and a statutory rape charge.

honeybooboo/InstagramAlana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s boyfriend Dralin Carswell has a criminal history[/caption]

Monroe County Sheriff’s OfficeHe was arrested this week for a DUI and fleeing cops[/caption]

Let’s take a look at Dralin’s criminal history.

The college student was arrested on Tuesday February 28 for a DUI and fleeing the cops.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson was in the passenger seat of the Dodge charger driven by Dralin as he allegedly fled Monroe county deputies in Georgia.

In his new mugshot that was exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun, he looked serious.

Dralin was driving the car around 4:30pm when the deputy tried to make a traffic stop, according to the Sheriff’s Office,

He allegedly gave chase, and sped north for about three miles.

The officer eventually used a PIT maneuver to spin the car and disable it with the teen reality star inside, according to cops.

Dralin was arrested for DUI, fleeing police, following too closely, failing to maintain lanes, and speeding.

Another passenger, Julian Malik Divon Williams, 24, was also arrested on outstanding warrants. 

Alana was not arrested, and was taken to the Monroe County Jail where her older sister Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon Efird – who has custody of the teen – picked her up.

A $25,000 bond was set for Dralin, and it appears he has since been released.


Wilkinson County Sheriff’s OfficeDralin was arrested when he was 18 on a statutory rape charge[/caption]

But this latest bust was not his first run-in with the law.

The U.S. Sun previously exclusively reported that Alana’s boyfriend was arrested back on May 29, 2019, and was initially charged with statutory rape. 

In this case, Alana was not the alleged victim, and it appears the incident occurred prior to their dating.

The mother of the alleged victim brought her daughter into the police department, according to the police report.

She claimed that Dralin, who was 18 at the time, climbed through her daughter’s window and had sex with the minor, who was 15. 

In the report, the officer wrote that they interviewed the minor.

“I asked the daughter if it was consensual, and she stated, ‘Yes.’” 

The minor told the officer that they had “consensual unprotected sex in her bedroom.”

Dralin allegedly told the police the minor was his girlfriend, and claimed they had talked about him coming to her house, but denied ever actually going to the house.


He told police he was at his friend’s home all day and night – but the friends told the investigators they dropped him off at the minor’s home and picked him back up over an hour later. 

The friends allegedly told the police that when they picked Dralin up he “was scared and told them to drive fast” because the minor’s mother “had caught him inside the house.” 

Reps for Alana and Dralin did not respond to The U.S. Sun’s request for comment at the time.

Dralin was initially charged with statutory rape, but ultimately completed a pretrial diversion program that resulted in the dismissal of a claim for making a false statement to law enforcement.

This was his first time in trouble with the law.

During the pretrial diversion hearing in June 2021, Dralin agreed to fulfill the terms of the program in exchange for a dismissal.

During a hearing, the assistant district attorney said: “I’ve spoken to the mother of the 15-year-old and she’s in agreement with the recommendation, which is Mr. Carswell successfully completes this pretrial status and then his case will be dismissed.”

As The U.S. Sun first exclusively revealed, Alana has been in a relationship with Dralin since the start of 2021. 

A source confirmed Dralin attended a Nashville technical school before the pandemic hit, but now resides in Georgia near Alana and her sister Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon, 22, who has custody of her youngest sister.  

Pumpkin had told The U.S. Sun: “Me and my husband love Dralin. He’s very respectful and treats Alana with the utmost respect. He is around us and our kids a bunch also, and we love him for Alana.”  

Despite the diamond ring her sister has been wearing, Pumpkin clarified that it is not an engagement ring, but rather a promise ring from Dralin.  


Fans of the show first met Dralin in an episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption that aired during the 2022 season. 

In the episode, Pumpkin invited Dralin to Alana’s 16th birthday party which was filmed in 2021.  

Instagram/honeyboobooAlana is treated ‘with the utmost respect’ by Dralin, according to her sister Pumkpin[/caption]

Alan Thompson/FacebookThe pair have been dating for around two years despite their four year age gap[/caption]

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