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GMA’s Robin Roberts replaced by new face in lead anchor’s seat during host’s mystery absence from show

GMA’s Robin Roberts replaced by new face in lead anchor’s seat during host’s mystery absence from show

GMA’s Robin Roberts has remained absent from the morning show, which had Linsey Davis fill in for her.

Linsey took the lead anchor’s seat for Robin and introduced DeMarco Morgan in a clip from a recent episode.

ABCGMA’s Robin Roberts was absent once more from GMA after several other missed hosting days[/caption]

Robin was replaced by anchor Linsey Davis for the most recent episode of the morning showABC

Linsey announced the massive snowfall emergency that had taken place in California.

She reported that the National Guard had been deployed to help communities in the area after all the snow accumulation.

She and DeMarco explored all the weather events that been happening as of late.

Though Robin was absent on this segment, she was previously on GMA just recently, however.

She had appeared on a segment alongside Lara Spencer, where the pair congratulated Rebecca Jarvis for a major milestone.

The two were excited to celebrate Rebecca’s accomplishment on her series The Dropout.

It’s unclear when Robin will return to her hosting duties for the moment.


Meanwhile, Sam Champion insisted that he “needed to stop it” in a strange moment with Robin.

On Wednesday morning, a GMA fan posted a clip of Sam and Robin from the show to Twitter.

They said that Sam had the “best laugh on TV.”

The meteorologist responded to them and said: “Baaahahhahah!! #weirdbrain#freeassociation. RR watching @ABC7 every Am …”

RR is referring to Sam’s husband, Rubem Robierb.

However, it is important to focus on what made Sam laugh so hard.

The clip started off with Robin saying: “I love how you put an end to doom. You could take a bad story, you know like someone taking that bus, and can find the good in it.”

“And you know, by saying, ‘we need better transportation to our airports.’”

Sam cracked up as Robin kept talking and making fun of him.

“I watch too much morning news,” he said, after he calmed down.

“Robin, you know it’s that old brain. I’m looking at this and going, ‘It’s a crime and it shouldn’t happen.’”

He continued: “And I am glad they arrested the young man. It’s a bad thing. But we do need better transportation to the airport. I don’t know how I think of it.”

Robin told Sam that it just “comes to your mind.”

“How your mind works is just-,” she said, as she shook her head with her eyes closed.

He cracked up again and put his hand between his chin and his chest and said: “I just need to stop it right here though. That’s the problem.”

After they both calmed down, Sam went on to report on the weather.


Due to the co-workers being such good friends, they make fun of each other all of the time.

Last month, Robin had a quick back-and-forth with Sam, as he warned she was “being judged.”

Robin kicked things off: “Sam, I never thought I’d say this. I am going to speak this morning to Dolly Parton and Dionne Warwick.”

“At the same time?!” an enthralled Sam replied.

“They are talking about their incredible new collaboration and you’ll see it here on GMA,” Robyn responded.

The pair gushed for a moment while Robin chuckled to herself as Sam, 61, declared he would be watching.

Robin shared: “I will always love you, Sam, and that’s what friends are for.”

“That’s like music royalty!” Sam replied, hardly believing his ears.

“It’s everything. Make sure you take pictures. I want a picture of that.”

“Well, it’s via Zoom, so…” Robin’s voice trailed off as the crowd booed, less excited to hear that Robin wouldn’t speak to the stars in person.

“They’re still gonna be live!” Robin said, laughing.

“Right, I know!” Sam replied. He then gestured to his left to staff off-screen.

He remarked: “I just want you to know that you were judged by that end of the room,” referring to Robin’s mention of the meeting taking place over Zoom.

Robin burst out laughing at her gaffe.

“But I like the Zoom, I’m still all for it, I think it qualifies as a great get.”

“Thank you! I appreciate that, Sam.”

“We’ll be watching,” Sam replied with a huge grin. “Because that’s what friends are for!”

The pair couldn’t contain their laughter at the awkward moment as they burst out chuckling at the joke Sam made.

Linsey threw it to DeMarco Morgan to announce some of the weather happenings around the countryABCFans have been missing mainstay Robin Roberts over the past few weeks with her extended absencesGetty ImagesIt’s unclear whether Robin will return for her next scheduled hosting dutiesGetty Images

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