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Furious Love Island fans expose show’s ‘real villain’ after explosive row – and it’s not Shaq

Furious Love Island fans expose show’s ‘real villain’ after explosive row – and it’s not Shaq

LOVE Island fans have hit out at Will for taunting Tom after Shaq got the blame last night.

Tensions were high last night after a sports day challenge brought out the Islanders’ competitive sides.

Love Island fans have slammed Will (middle) as the ‘real villain’ErotemeTom was left fuming after the boys teased him for losing in the challengeEroteme

The professional footballer wasn’t amused when his friends started teasing him for being on the losing team.

The lads made a pact to wind up Tom who had already insisted he’d had enough.

Surrounding him on the day bed, Tom was pushed to the limit.

Will repeatedly poked fun at him and refused to allow the northern lad to hold the trophy.

But it was Shaq who was in the firing line after he told Tom to take it like a “grown man”.

It clearly hit a nerve as Tom said: “Just leave it now, I won’ tell you again.”

However, fans have said that Will was actually to blame for the row because he instigated it.

One wrote: “Will were doing way too much, he should have dropped it hours before it escalated.”

Another posted: “Will instigated the whole sports day argument.”

“Will is definitely to blame. And I have slowly soured on Will cause I just don’t buy the nice guy thing and think he’s definitely got away with a lot by playing up the ‘aw im just a big kid’ thing,” a third suggested.

While another said: “I don’t think Tom was even upset about not winning, it was about them continuing to be annoying about it and purposely trying to piss him off. Good on Tanya for telling Shaq he better get it straightened out. Hopefully Will apologises too.”

Some fans took things one step further and called out Shaq for “bullying”.

One said: “Everyone seeing Shaq’s true colours. Called it and said this boy is a bully.”

Another added: “So basically all the other couples wanna bully Tom and Sammy?? For what reason? Cause there all threatened by them?? This sort of behaviour makes me feel uncomfortable to watch.”

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