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Cardi B’s fans divided after rapper shares first close-up photos of new face tattoo as some think she ‘ruined’ her looks

Cardi B’s fans divided after rapper shares first close-up photos of new face tattoo as some think she ‘ruined’ her looks

CARDI B has divided her fans after sharing a close-up look at her face tattoo.

The rapper, 30, got an inking of her 17-month-old son Wave’s name printed on her jawline.

Cardi B / Twitter/ McDonald’sCardi B divided her fans after sharing a close-up look of her face tattoo[/caption]

The 30-year-old got the inking in August 2022Getty Images – Getty

Cardi showed off the tattoo while posing in a retro white dress with a diamond-encrusted collar.

She captioned the shot, “I love my face tatt,” with a heart emoji.

The snap is from her and her husband Offset‘s McDonald’s shoot to promote their very own meal – named “The Cardi B & Offset Meal.”

Cardi’s inking got a mixed reaction from her followers, with some claiming the singer was “ruining” her looks.

One tweeted: “Cardi please don’t ruin your face it’s beautiful put the tats somewhere else . Not your face.”

Another added: “Y’all really don’t think about what you gonna look like when you get older huh.”

A third referenced rapper Post Malone, who has dozens of face tattoos, penning: “Please no more on the face.

“You’re beautiful and you don’t wanna be out here getting called cardimalone.”

Others praised Cardi’s inking, however, commenting: “You made it look classy. I think it looks great.”

Another added: “Such a cute name and such a cute tattoo.”

Young lady! That better not be permanent on such a beautiful face

Cardi got the tattoo done in August 2022 and unveiled it a month later.

The inking is in a similar spot to where Offset got their four-year-old daughter Kulture’s name tattooed on him when she was just seven-weeks-old.

Cardi also has a tattoo celebrating her daughter on her arm and Offset got his wife’s name inscribed on his neck in 2018.

Meanwhile, Cardi made headlines earlier this year when she spilled a plastic surgery secret about Kim Kardashian.

The Hulu star and WAP rapper were once close, though their friendship has somewhat dissolved since 2018.


In January, Cardi came clean about her plastic surgery procedures and gave credit to Kim, 42, for providing surgeon suggestions.

The mother-of-two appeared on the Jason Lee Podcast on January 16 where she discussed going under the knife for a nose job.

The hitmaker revealed how she once got fillers in her nose, but it made the tip of her nose longer, leading her to get corrective surgery in 2020.

“OK, so how do you decide who you’re going to go to and trust to touch your face and your body?” Jason asked.

“Cause I remember the time we were at Kris’ [Jenner] house and Kim gave you a list of people you could call and get help,” he said.

“You didn’t call none of those people, you just did it at home?”

Cardi admitted: “No, I called a couple of people that she gave me.”

The Skims founder has always insisted she’s never had plastic surgery, but she did admit she gets Botox.

Cardi showed off the tattoo as part of a McDonald’s shoot with her husband OffsetThe Mega AgencyCritics claimed Cardi had ‘ruined’ her looksThe Mega AgencyCardi B/InstagramThe face tattoo is a tribute to her son Wave, 17 months (seen with her daughter Kulture, four)[/caption]

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