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Amy Duggar shows off her filthy bathroom including moldy tub and toddler son Dax’s crayon scribbles in new video

Amy Duggar shows off her filthy bathroom including moldy tub and toddler son Dax’s crayon scribbles in new video

AMY Duggar has shown off her unorthodox method of cleaning her bathtub.

The reality star posted a new video to her Instagram Stories, exposing her dirty tub covered in crayon scribbles from her toddler son Dax.

Instagram / Amy DuggarAmy Duggar showed off how she cleans her dirty tub[/caption]

Instagram / Amy DuggarThe reality star used socks and Walmart bags tied to her feet to clean off her son Dax’s crayon markings[/caption]

In the video, Amy filmed herself standing in her bathtub, with her feet covered in socks wrapped in plastic bags.

While swishing her feet back and forth, the mom of one said: “Ok, this is how I clean my tub, in case people want to know.

“I’ve got therapeutic socks on, like no joke. And I put Walmart bags over my socks because there’s like more of a grip that way.

“I just put a little water in, and I put my cleaner in, and then I swish it around.

“Also- you’re seeing bath crayon and you’re seeing flower petal bath petal salts. That’s all. We’re not dirty people like that.”

In a second Instagram Stories video, Amy reveals a slightly cleaner tub and exclaims: “Ok look at it you guys! It’s getting so much better! Plus it doesn’t kill your back and you don’t get chemicals on your hands.”

Amy often posts videos from her bathroom, breaking her family’s strict dress code rules.


Amy recently filmed herself getting out of the shower with no makeup on, a gray towel wrapped around her body, and another one on top of her head.

She immediately noted the raciness of her outfit, telling her followers: “I wonder if TikTok will knock this down.”

Amy continued to go on an over a three-minute rant about the strict demands within a contract she was offered to be a country music star.

“I was offered a music contract years ago, okay? It was when the show was really popular. I was in my 20s. I thought I was just hot, and they were like: ‘Hey, country music wants you. We need you.’”

Amy went on to detail the outlandish stipulations in the contract and the freedom she would’ve had to give up.


Amy has been known as the rebel Duggar as she’s often gone against her conservative family’s rules.

She’s voiced her opinions on social media on numerous occasions about her differing views to that of her uncle Jim Bob, 57, and aunt Michelle Duggar, 56.

She’s also been vocal about her feelings toward her cousin Josh‘s wrongdoings and how the family handled the situation.

Josh, 34, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in May 2022 after being found guilty of possessing child pornography.

Josh’s sister, Jinger, 29, slammed her brother and her family’s “cult-like” beliefs in her new memoir, Becoming Free Indeed, which released last month.

“I knew she was writing a book and I’m proud of her,” Amy exclusively told The U.S. Sun.

“She’s speaking up, she’s using her voice, and she’s doing just fine [since leaving]. She’s got a huge following and that’s awesome.

“So I’m team Jinger!”

InstagramAmy Duggar shares Dax with her husband Dillon[/caption]

TikTok/amyrkingAmy often posts from her bathroom and breaks strict Duggar rules by showing skin[/caption]

Instagram/amyrachellekingThe former reality star has been outspoken about the Duggar family and supported Jinger Duggar’s tell-all[/caption]

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