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Wheel of Fortune contestant ‘offends east coast viewers’ by missing puzzle with ‘painful’ guess in new episode

Wheel of Fortune contestant ‘offends east coast viewers’ by missing puzzle with ‘painful’ guess in new episode

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant was toast on Twitter after making a bewildering guess for a bagel-themed puzzle on Wednesday’s episode.

Angie rang in with: “Warm Bagels with Low and Cream Cheese” instead of “Lox,” as in the classic topping of salmon.

ABCAngie’s Wheel of Fortune guess made ‘every Long Islander scream in pain’ one Twitter user wrote[/caption]

ABCShe guessed this puzzle to be ‘Low’ instead of ‘Lox’[/caption]

Angie from Florida revealed her father pulled the ol’ trick of watching Wheel of Fortune on satellite before the rest of her family growing up to know the answers.

It was her turn to spin on a “Food and Drink” puzzle and she guessed a spread of letters, including an “D”, “N” “L” an “O” an “A”.

The puzzle was out of vowels as she guessed three more consonants, looking hungry to solve.

It was nearly completed minus one letter in “bagels” and one letter in “lox.”

“I’m gonna try to solve!” she said.

“Warm toasted bagels with low and cream cheese,” Angie announced.

“No, I’m sorry,” host Pat Sajak, 76, ruled and the incorrect buzzer sound rang.

Another contestant Nina then quickly guessed an “X” and solved “Warm toasted bagel with lox and cream cheese.”

“Yeah, that’s a much better estimate” Pat joked.


Game show fans spun into a feeding frenzy on Twitter where “Lox” or sliced salmon on a bagel, felt like a no-brainer to many.

If not, guessing “Low” as a noun just felt nonsensical so even non-foodies piled on if they weren’t bagel regulars.

“Someone saw this puzzle and said ‘Warm Toasted Bagels with Low and Cream Cheese,’” one fan posted.

“Google about to get a whole lot of traffic searching what in the hell type of food ‘lox’ is,” joked another on the popular bagel topping.

“I think every Long Islander screamed in pain after hearing this guess,” wrote a third.

“I ain’t gonna fault the lady for guessing ‘Low.’ I have never heard of lox either,” argued a fourth.

“With ‘low’ and cream cheese? Why even try to solve if you don’t know?” wrote a fifth.

“I thought it was ‘low’ too but I was once kicked in the head by a mule,” a sixth slammed.

“Omg on Wheel of Fortune someone just guessed warm toasted bagels with LOW and cream cheese instead of lox that is so embarrassing I would never show my face again,” wrote a seventh.


Michelle from New Mexico and a clerk-treasurer of her town competed on Monday.

Midway through the episode, she felt ready to guess a puzzle under the category “Save Room For Dessert.”

The crossword-themed puzzle was mostly finished and looking for “Tart, Brownie, Pie, Pudding.

“Tort, brownie, pie pudding!” she announced.

“That is not correct” Pat ruled and she got the incorrect buzz sound, looking stunned.

Pat then explained when another contestant solved it: “Yeah, we got the ‘tort’ instead of the tart.”

Fans were miffed as “tort” is a legal term.

More forgivingly, “torte” is a dessert, but has five letters and there were only four on the board.

People ran with the first scenario as one viewer tweeted: “Did she say TORT? WTF?”

“#WheelOfFortune TORT!” wrote another.

“May I have a raspberry tort,” joked a third as a fourth wrote: “My mother: ‘Who the hell says torte!!’” and a sixth: “Tort!?”

ABCOne fan wrote: ‘With ‘low’ and cream cheese? Why even try to solve if you don’t know?’[/caption]

ABCPat Sajak even admitted when another contestant got lox: ‘Yeah, that’s a much better estimate’[/caption]

ABCRecently a contestant sadly guessed ‘tort’ instead of ‘tart’ for this food puzzle[/caption]

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