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Today’s Carson Daly demands ‘stop it!’ as co-host Craig Melvin almost ruins his day on live TV

Today’s Carson Daly demands ‘stop it!’ as co-host Craig Melvin almost ruins his day on live TV

CARSON Daly has demanded his Today Show co-host, Craig Melvin, to “stop it!”

Craig almost told him a spoiler on live TV that would ruin his day.

Twitter/@TODAYshowCraig Melvin almost spoiled a show for Carson Daly on live TV[/caption]

Twitter/@TODAYshowCarson demanded him to ‘stop it!’ because he wasn’t caught up[/caption]

On Wednesday’s show, Carson, Craig, Sheinelle Jones, and Al Roker sat down on the couch for the POPStart segment.

Carson told his Today Show co-hosts that Sarah Michelle Gellar posted a throwback photo of herself and actor Pedro Pascal to her Instagram feed.

They worked together on an episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

The show then aired clips of Pedro at The Mandalorian premiere earlier this week and he talked about working with the actress.

At the end of the clip, Carson told viewers that the new season started streaming on Disney Plus that day.

He turned to his co-hosts then and said: “And The Last of Us you were saying is great. Pedro Pascal.”

“It’s the best show on television right now,” Craig said.

“Yeah. So you can check that one out,” Carson promoted. “I just started watching it, but he is good.”

“Wait until you get to episode three,” Craig smiled.

“Stop it! No spoilers,” Carson demanded.


Earlier this week, Carson dropped some career news.

The 49-year-old revealed that Barmageddon, one of his projects outside of the Today Show, has been renewed for a second season.

While hosting Pop Start, the pop culture segment of the morning show, Carson dropped the exciting announcement about his game show with Blake Shelton.

He shared: “Big news! Barmageddon, our show, somehow, got picked up for a season 2. If you can believe it. 

“And last night, Blake Shelton swung by the Jimmy Kimmel show to announce the news, and he’s already pitching episode ideas for the new season.”

The morning show then moved to show a clip of Blake talking with Jimmy about his ideas for what they should do on the next season.

Carson then added of what fans can continue to expect to see: “It’s just ridiculous, over-the-tip bar games. A lot of smack-talking, there’s music.”

Al and Sheinelle clapped for their co-star’s good news, before the meteorologist  asked about if Carson will invite any of them on to the game show.

“Well, we’re just starting season 2, so, open invite,” Carson assured Al.

“Beer pong, let’s go,” the meteorologist revealed of his drinking game of choice.

The first season of  USA Network’s Barmageddon aired from early December 2022 through late January 2023.


Last week, Carson admitted to taking part in a “totally gross” trend that was made popular by Australians.

He grossed out his co-hosts when he told them that he has done a “shoey” before.

Carson led the POPStart segment as usual.

On that day, he talked about Harry Styles and his show in Perth, Australia, on February 20.

During the concert, Harry participated in a trend called a “shoey,” where people in Australia put an alcoholic drink in a shoe and drink from it.

“Harry Styles, last night, the Grammy winner’s tour made a stop in the city of Perth, where Harry fully-embraced one of Australia’s favorite and totally gross traditions,” Carson said.

“Has anybody heard of a shoey?” the host asked, as a clip of Harry played.

“Savannah, have you ever done a shoey?” Carson asked.

She told him “no” and Sheinelle asked what it was.

“Well, Sheinelle, it’s when you pour a cocktail, thank God, into your own shoe.”

Carson then grossed out his co-hosts by admitting that he did one “from someone else’s shoe.”

“You did?” they asked collectively.

“The joke was on me, yeah,” Carson said.

The rest of the hosts cringed as the clip of the former One Direction member played.

But, Carson seemed to be indifferent to it, shrugged, and said: “When in Perth.”

NBCWhen on the show, Carson usually handles the POPStart segment, which is the pop culture section of the show[/caption]

Twitter/@TODAYshowHe announced to his co-hosts earlier this week that his show, Barmageddon, has been renewed for a season 2[/caption]

GettySavannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb were out this week, as they dealt with health issues[/caption]

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