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Today’s Al Roker yells to Jenna Bush Hager from off-stage in surprising moment during her live show

Today’s Al Roker yells to Jenna Bush Hager from off-stage in surprising moment during her live show

DURING a discussion about food, The Today Show meteorologist Al Roker has yelled to Jenna Bush Hager from off-stage.

He made a brief appearance on Today With Hoda & Jenna on Wednesday in a surprising live TV moment.

NBCAl Roker yelled to Jenna Bush Hager off-stage as he was leaving the Today Show[/caption]

NBCJenna and Willie Geist discussed how restaurants charge people for bread now, when Al chimed in[/caption]

At the beginning of the show, Jenna and fill-in host, Willie Geist, talked about the dinner that President and Dr. Biden had on a night out.

They said the Washington Post reported that both ordered rigatoni and then went into another discussion because they were charged for their bread.

“When did you have to start to order the bread?” Jenna shook her head and asked Willie.

“Someplaces-,” Willie began.

“I am sorry,” she interrupted. “But, we got to just talk about it.”

Then, Jenna stopped and looked past her co-host.

“Hi, Al,” she waved.

Al Roker‘s here,” Willie turned around and waved.

“Al. I have a question,” Jenna yelled.

“Yeah?” Al could faintly be heard of screen.

“Remember back in the day when they would just bring the bread to your table? You didn’t have to order it?” she asked the meteorlogist.

The camera then focused on Al, who was bundled up to go outside in the New York air.

“I know. What’s up with that?” he yelled, since his didn’t have a microphone on.

“Our new segment. ‘What’s Up With That? With Al Roker’,” Willie laughed.

“That’s right. I stole it from Kenan Thompson. What’s Up With That,” he started to sing.

“Remember the days when you just had bread brought to you?” Jenna circled back to the original question.

“You work your way in and then eat your way out,” Al said. “And what happened to the bread bowl?”

“Yeah!” Jenna yelled.

He then rambled on and said a few inaudible things before leaving the studio.

“Wow. Al dropping the mic right there,” Willie clapped.


Last month, Al snapped at a producer when they interrupted a segment, just like he did on Wednesday.

Al and special fill-in anchors Jill Martin and Jacob Soboroff got to enjoy some tasty treats.

Self magazine just released its 2023 Pantry Award Winners.

Dieticians and editors tested more than 400 items across several snack categories including protein bars, pretzels, chips, and more.

Self editor-in-chief Rachel Miller stopped by the Today set to share the results – and some samples.

The three hosts noshed on the goods, chewing and smacking their lips loudly as they did, eventually bringing down the wrath of NBC producers.

Jacob shared: “Allie Markowitz, our producer, just said, ‘TV bites guys, stop eating so much.’”

That raised the ire of Al.

“Too bad!” he clapped. “You’re not down here, Allie! We’re eating!”

But viewers seemed to agree with the NBC head, with one tweeting to the show: “[Jacob] is as bad as Craig [Melvin]… eating like he hasn’t eaten in days. So disgusting.

“These food segments need to go.”


That incident also wasn’t the first time Al screamed loudly on set.

Back in early November, he shocked his co-hosts by yelling loudly during Carson Daly’s report.

The co-hosts talked about the Christmas Story sequel, and Al shouted an iconic line from the first film.

During the POPStart segment, Carson aired a preview for A Christmas Story Christmas.

Ralphie, played by Peter Billingsley, is all grown up and determined to make an unforgettable Christmas for his kids.

Set 30 years later, some original characters are returning to honor Ralphie’s father, who sadly passed away.

The sequel streamed on HBO Max, starting November 17.

After the clip played, Carson let everyone know when the movie would start streaming and Al screamed, “Bumpuses!” in the middle of his report.

While Carson kept a straight face and continued on talking, his other co-hosts- Savannah GuthrieHoda Kotb, and Craig Melvin– all cracked up at his outburst.

Bumpuses was the name of Ralphie’s neighbors, who always let their dogs into his family’s house, and ate their Christmas meal.

His dad would scream “Bumpuses!” out the open door.

The 68-year-old seemed excited for the sequel, judging by his outburst, and told Carson that Peter Billingsley would be at the show later for an interview.

NBCJenna and Willie laughed at Al’s outburst as he walked off the set[/caption]

GettyLast month, a producer interrupted a foos segment and Al snapped at them[/caption]

GettyWillie has been filling in for Hoda Kotb, who has been out due to family health matters[/caption]

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