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Today’s Al Roker warns fans about ‘turbulent times’ and major ‘trouble’ in solemn new video

Today’s Al Roker warns fans about ‘turbulent times’ and major ‘trouble’ in solemn new video

THE Today Show meteorologist Al Roker has warned fans about “turbulent times” in a new video.

He told them that there will be “major trouble” as well.

Today showAl Roker told viewers that there will ‘ be major trouble’ in the next 48 hours[/caption]

Today showHe said that there will be ‘turbulent times’ across the US, due to extreme weather[/caption]

On Thursday, Sheinelle Jones led a segment on “extreme weather.”

“There will be more snow for tens of millions of people,” she said. “And across the South, a risk of severe storms and potential tornadoes.”

Al is here with the very latest on what to expect.”

The meteorologist went on to say that there is going to “be trouble in the skies, on the ground, a real mess.”

48 million people are going to be impacted by winter storm warnings and watches, as well as flood warnings for some.

The middle part of the country may experience some tornadoes and strong winds in the northeastern part.

Half of the country will get rain, most at more than two inches per hour.

And finally, the very top northeastern section of the country will get snow, anywhere from one to eight inches.

“It will be a very turbulent time over the next 48 hours,” he ended the broadcast.


Later on in the show, Al delivered even more bad weather news.

Sheinelle opened the segment by showing clips of people dealing with the current heavy snow storms and warned of “more wild weather” to come.

Al agreed: “That’s right, gang. Buckle up, it is going to be literally a bumpy ride.”

He then explained: “15 million people right now from the plains all the way to the Southwest and the West Coast are under winter storm watches, advisories, blizzard warnings for the cascades – or the sierra, I should say.”

Al continued: “Here’s what we’re looking at with this dangerous winter storm.

“We’ve got a tornado risk for much of the south, heavy rains in the mid-South into the mid-Mississippi River valley, and significant snow stretching from Kansas City, icy conditions into the Northeast, and snow as well.”

The 68-year-old summarized: “Tomorrow the threat level really ramps up. We are looking about the possibility of very strong tornadoes.”

“It is going to be a very, very difficult next 72 hours,” he stated as a final warning.


Today Show watchers started to fear even more when Al was “struggling” during a fitness segment.

The beloved weatherman did a series of exercises with a fitness instructor during Wednesday’s broadcast.

He was joined by health coach Stephanie Mansour to present a segment on the daily steps people can take to improve their health.

Stephanie advised slow walking followed by fast walking and marched around the set, with Al in tow.

The presenter seemed to slow down and struggle to keep up as the fitness instructor switched to rapid walking.

She then took him and a show guest through doing slow squats and standing on tip toes.

One viewer claimed Al looked like he was “struggling” during the routine.

They tweeted: “He’s seriously struggling can someone get him a chair!”

Another added: “Take it easy Al!”

Al returned to the Today Show in January after a string of major health battles.

Today showHe also issued tornado warnings for most of the country[/caption]

GettyFans worried for Al when he appeared to be struggling during a fitness segment on the show[/caption]

NBC / InstagramHe returned to the show in January after a string of health issues[/caption]

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