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Today’s Al Roker stares into space in cheeky dig at wife Deborah Roberts after telling Craig Melvin she ‘goes on’

Today’s Al Roker stares into space in cheeky dig at wife Deborah Roberts after telling Craig Melvin she ‘goes on’

TODAY star Al Roker has made a cheeky comment about his wife as he admitted to his co-host Craig Melvin that she “goes on.”

The beloved meteorologist, 68, said the playful remarks during a segment about artificial intelligence technology on Wednesday’s show.

NBCToday star Al Roker was seen gazing into space before suddenly refocusing during a technology segment[/caption]

NBCThe panel discussed AI technology and Al said it would be ‘great’ for when his wife ‘goes on’[/caption]

NBC correspondent Jacob Ward revealed that technology has been developed that makes eye contact on a person’s behalf.

The AI makes it look like video call users are paying attention when on Zoom.

Al told Craig: “That would be great when our wives start going on.”

He mimicked the technology in action as he gazed into space before suddenly refocusing.

The anchor has been married to ABC journalist Deborah Roberts for more than two decades.

Al and Deborah exchanged their “I dos” in September 1995.

Craig and his fellow Today anchor Dylan Dreyer burst out laughing after the weatherman made the witty comment.

Craig and Al constantly keep viewers entertained as they are known for cracking jokes and ribbing each other.

Al playfully mocked Craig after the 43-year-old debuted his haircut on live TV.

He said: “Love the new haircut… [it] looks clean. I like that.”

Craig thanked Al for the praise as he proudly rubbed his head.

He replied: “Thank you very much I appreciate that and my barber DJ Fresh appreciates it too.”

Al laughed as he repeated “DJ Fresh,” seemingly confirming with Craig if he heard him right.

Craig repeated the name “DJ Fresh,” before revealing that his barber’s name was actually a “stage” persona.

The weatherman joked: “Only you would have a barber with a stage name.”

Al and Craig have shared several spicy on-air moments in recent weeks.

The U.S. Sun reported how Al seemed to imply that Craig was cheap during a segment about the cost of Super Bowl snacks.

And, the weatherman hit back at his co-star after he cracked an NFL joke.  

Al also accused Craig of trying to be “hip” following a cringe-worthy moment during a cooking demonstration in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

He called out the anchor after using the word “boo” several times.  

Craig and Al’s banter have left their co-workers and viewers in hysterics.

Deborah has been known to have messaged Craig if he overstepped the mark,  as per HELLO.

Al shared the revelation when he appeared alongside Hoda Kotb in an episode last year.

He was covering for Jenna Bush Hager, who normally presents the fourth hour of Today.

Al told Hoda: “Every now and then Melvin will make some age joke and she’ll text him.

“She says, ‘You better knock it off’ and he will go ‘Oh I got a text from Deborah! She will come for you!”

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