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The View fans blast Whoopi Goldberg for looking ‘bored’ as host admits ‘thank goodness we’re going to break’ on live TV

The View fans blast Whoopi Goldberg for looking ‘bored’ as host admits ‘thank goodness we’re going to break’ on live TV

THE View fans blast Whoopi Goldberg’s facial expressions during Thursday’s morning show broadcast.

Fans took to Twitter to call out the 67-year-old for looking “bored” as she admitted that she was thankful that The View panelists were “going to break” while on live TV.

The View / ABCThe View fans blast Whoopi Goldberg for looking ‘bored’ on the show[/caption]

The View co-anchors Sara Haines, 45, Joy Behar, 80, Sunny Hostin, 54, and Alyssa Farah Griffin, 33, happened to get carried away with laughter during a segment on the show.

Sara initiated the giggles from her co-stars after she tried to explain her point on a topic.

Though she got an unsure look from Joy and dismissive laughter from her, Sunny, and Alyssa, Sara maintained that she knew the “stuff” they were discussing.

Unlike her engaged co-hosts, Whoopi seemed completely uninterested in partaking in that particular conversation on the show.

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She had a blank look and didn’t interject her opinion, sitting quietly during that entire segment.

Whoopi’s boredom with the roundtable conversation became apparent after she thanked the producers for segueing to a commercial break.

“Thank goodness, we’re going to break,” the EGOT winner said with a faint smile before the show went to commercial.

The comedian’s attitude shift in the episode was so noticeable that fans commented about it on social media.


“Whoopi saying “Thank goodness we’re going to break!” Wow lol I kinda thought the same when I heard the music!

“Though, I’ve said, her looking kinda bored is kinda rude but I’m sure she’s kidding, even though I kinda feel the same, but I wouldn’t quite do it like that #theview,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan expressed on Twitter: “I don’t like when Whoopi does that “I can’t relate” thing. Ma’am, you’re the host! #TheView.”

A fan who replied to the fan’s tweet explained: “She does that especially with Sunny..glad when she’s off on Fridays.”


While many people love Whoopi as a host on The View, there are some who actually can take her or leave her.

Last year fans revealed the main reason that they didn’t miss host Whoopi when she was absent from the talk show.

Back in July, the morning talk show host was absent from Friday’s broadcast of The View like she typically is now.

Amid speculation that Whoopi may be fired and fan pressure to have the Oscar winner replaced, viewers seemed not to miss certain aspects of Whoopi’s hosting style.

One Twitter user tweeted, “I’m not missing Whoopi talking over people today…”

Patti Wood, a published author who holds degrees in Body Language and Nonverbal Communication, has assessed the TV star’s behavior previously.

Whoopi shocked fans on The View’s July 11 episode after she yelled at her co-hosts on live TV before abruptly cutting to the commercial break.

In the same episode, Whoopi snapped at Ana Navarro, 51, as she interrupted her while introducing a new topic.

She was introducing the segment on the Supreme Court‘s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a federal right to have an abortion.

As Whoopi paused while the studio audience reacted, Ana swooped in with her own comment and said: “As for Brett Kavanaugh, let me take out my little violin.”

Brett M. Kavanaugh, an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, was confronted by pro-abortion campaigners while dining in a Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington, DC, last week.

Ana’s comment prompted Whoopi to cut her off and fire back: “Let me… let me just finish the thing. And then go to it.”

Patti told The Sun that when Whoopi was interrupted by the co-host sitting directly to her left, “she kept her arm closest to the host with her palm down on the table as she reached out and up with her ‘audience facing’ arm.”

According to Patti, Whoopi’s quick response about letting her finish was said with “playful urgency.”

ABCWhoopi thanked producers when it was time to go to a commercial break[/caption]

ABCDuring a part of the show Whoopi looked uninterested in the conversation[/caption]

The View / ABCThe 67-year-old didn’t contribute her opinion during the segment[/caption]

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