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Teen Mom star David Eason’s ex Olivia Leedham shows off curves in a thong bikini as Jenelle Evans vows to hit the gym

Teen Mom star David Eason’s ex Olivia Leedham shows off curves in a thong bikini as Jenelle Evans vows to hit the gym

DAVID Eason’s ex Olivia Leedham has flaunted her fit figure in a blue thong bikini as his wife Jenelle Evans vows to focus on her own health.

The Teen Mom 2 alum has been hitting the gym and working on weight loss according to her recent social media posts.

Instagram / @lushylivOlivia hit the beach for a fun day[/caption]

Instagram / @lushylivShe showed off her amazing figure in a new post[/caption]

Instagram/Janelle EvansJenelle recently announced the start of her weight loss journey[/caption]

Meanwhile, David’s ex Olivia Leedham has shown off her incredible body in a new Instagram post.

The model took to her profile on Monday night to share a video of herself enjoying a solo beach day.

The mother of two placed her phone on the sand and she walked to the water, showing off her butt in a thong blue bikini.

Olivia’s blonde hair whipped in the wind as she looked back at the camera in a dramatic moment.

She put her arms up in the air and smiled before continuing towards the water.

The young mom spun in circles showing off her toned figure before the video closed out.

A voiceover played in the background of the clip, saying: “I am not the girl that you love forever.

“I will come into your life and before you know it, I will pass through. I will not be your wife someday or have your children. I am simply the lesson.

“I am the one who shows you how much you can be loved. The one who shows you that not all people will hurt you, not all people will break your heart.

“I am a phase because I love unconditionally, and at some point you will break my heart and I will move on to be a phase for someone else.”

Olivia left her post captionless, though fans and friends filled the comments section with praise for her impressive physique.


The model’s message followed David’s current wife, Jenelle Evans, announcing her newfound weight loss journey.

The Teen Mom 2 star shared her fitness aspirations in an Instagram post in February.

Jenelle, 31, who is mom to Jace, 13; Kaiser, 8; and Ensley, 6, posted pics of herself smiling in workout gear.

She wrote in the caption: “Here’s a cheers to my new journey to lose my ‘Mommy Pouch’ and love handles.

“Started working out today and it feels great!”


But Jenelle left fans in confusion when shortly after she shared a photo of a plate overflowing with food while in New Orleans.

In the photo shared on Instagram, Jenelle wore a New Orleans hoodie with sunglasses attached to the neckline, accessorized with a lavender beanie hat.

The 31-year-old sat in a busy diner and smiled down at her meal.

David, 34, captioned the snap: “I love seeing her so excited to eat!”

However, the large portion size and lack of healthy options were quickly addressed by fans following the news of her weight loss journey.

Some commenters debated what exactly was in the meal, with one saying: “What a platter! It looks like maybe a burger, fried egg, gravy biscuit, turkey and chicken. Am I right?”

Another replied: “I don’t see a burger lol I see eggs, sausage and biscuits and it looks like country fried steak or chicken.”

Many others pointed out the huge serving, with one overseas fan writing: “What in holy hell????? Is that the normal serving size in USA?????”

Another simply said: “Wtf is that.”


David and Jenelle were quick to clap back against the criticism.

After one follower wrote: “Too much [vomiting emoji],” David replied by explaining: “She only eats a few bites and gives the rest to me or save it for later.”

The couple also responded after another person said: “Not going to be able to get rid of the ‘baby belly’ & love handles by eating that way no matter how much you go to the gym.”

David responded with a simple: “Wrong.”

Jenelle herself pitched in by saying: “But I’ll remember this comment when I’m showing off my 6 pack in a few months.”

InstagramJenelle recently announced the start of her new health journey[/caption]

Instagram/@easondavid88She confused fans by indulging in a massive meal shortly after[/caption]

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