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Teen Mom fans slam Mackenzie Mckee as a ‘disorganized disaster’ after ‘bad’ parenting decision for son Gannon, 11

Teen Mom fans slam Mackenzie Mckee as a ‘disorganized disaster’ after ‘bad’ parenting decision for son Gannon, 11

TEEN Mom fans have slammed Mackenzie McKee after she revealed that she was allowing her pre-teen to skip school.

The MTV alum was slammed days prior for her treatment of her son.

Instagram/mackenziemckeeTeen Mom fans slammed Mackenzie McKee as a ‘disaster’[/caption]

InstagramThe star revealed that she spent the day with her son, allowing him to skip school[/caption]

On Wednesday, Mackenzie, 28, took to her Instagram Story to give fans a glimpse into her day.

She appeared to be in the car and had on a pink T-shirt and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

The Teen Mom star began: “So, today is all about just me and Gannon.

He didn’t go to school. Judge me if you want, I don’t care. I never get alone time with him.”

She went on: “We’re excited to have this time alone together today but he just took me into a bait shop. I have never – I had no warning, Gannon.

“Show ’em what you got.”

The boy held up a package of bait, telling fans: “I got into bait shops all the time.”

Mackenzie retorted: “I didn’t know what to expect. Like, I’d rather go to the dump. That was disgusting.”

Gannon smiled as he said: “I knew that mom was gonna do that. I smell that a lot so I was like, ‘I wonder if she’s gonna smell that.’ And she just…”

He was cut off by his mom, who said: “I’m learning. I’m learning the stuff.”


A grab from the post was shared on Reddit where critics weighed in.

One person kicked off their thread: “Why does Mack post that she let Gannon skip school to spend quality time together?? Looks bad to post about it.”

A critic commented: “She is a disorganized disaster.

“The best thing would be for her to get a job with a set schedule and the kids to have a STABLE routine.”

Another chimed in: “Everything doesn’t need to be shared with the public.

“I don’t understand sharing all of your personal intimate family details with your kids with strangers. Kids deserve privacy, and to know that every moment, from a fart to a skinned knee, isn’t going to be put out there.”

A third wrote: “I feel like Mackenzie needs a mother’s helper type of nanny.

“Like maybe more of a household manager person? Somebody to get her a schedule together, give her an idea of how a household could function better, assist in keeping it up with the kids. She clearly didn’t have that kind of experience with Josh as her partner and she’s soooo….all over the place.”


The mother-son outing comes after Mackenzie was slammed by fans for her treatment of Gannon.

The Oklahoma native took to her TikTok live to share video of herself and her eldest child.

In the clip, the star appeared to be cutting the boy’s hair with clippers.

Fans slammed her for “making” her son sit on a chair in the bathroom as she cut his hair in the video.

One fan who watched the clip claimed on Reddit that Mackenzie, “made Gannon sit on live and get a haircut while she yelled about not knowing how to cut hair.”

Others slammed the MTV star for being “insufferable” on TikTok.

“I legit feel bad for kids nowadays that have parents who are insufferable on social media,” one wrote. 

Another critic added harshly: “She’s a terrible mother and is continuing the cycle.”


The backlash came after Gannon made a heartbreaking confession online.

He revealed in a video that kids in school bully him and he pinned it all on his mom.

Mackenzie was doing a Q&A video when her son started crying off-camera.

“I don’t like people from my school getting on there,” Gannon told his mom about her TikTok usage.

Mackenzie appeared to laugh off his concerns, sarcastically saying: “Ok, if you go to Gannon’s school, get off.”

The joke didn’t go well with Gannon, who then dropped a major bombshell on his mom.

“They’re making rumors about me that’s not true,” he sadly said, as Mackenzie asked him to cite examples. “I don’t know, they are just whispering in people’s ears about me.”

Again, Mackenzie tried to brush off the comments, noting: “All your friends have TikTok.”

Before the conversation could continue, the reality star was distracted by another child.

Fans ripped the reality star online.

“Parenting 101: make sacrifices for your kids. This includes staying off TikTok if your kid is being bullied for it,” one person commented on a Reddit thread. “So sad.”

Another asked: “I don’t know why she didn’t shut that off right then and there and talk to him about it?”

A third noted: “You can hear the hurt in Gannon’s voice.”

A fourth slammed: “Your child and their mental and emotional health is more important than you being on social media.”

RedditShe was recently slammed by fans for her treatment of Gannon[/caption]

mackenziemckee/InstagramMackenzie has three kids with her ex Josh McKee[/caption]

TikTok/mackenzietaylordThe MTV alum has not responded to the backlash[/caption]

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