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Teen Mom fans slam Chelsea Houska’s ‘overpriced’ and ‘tacky’ new home decor line after backlash for her design skills

Teen Mom fans slam Chelsea Houska’s ‘overpriced’ and ‘tacky’ new home decor line after backlash for her design skills

TEEN Mom fans have slammed Chelsea Houska for her ‘overpriced’ home decor range.

Chelsea, 31, took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared a video of the new line which includes kitchen utensils, dining accessories, and home furnishings.

HGTVTeen Mom fans have slammed Chelsea Houska for her ‘overpriced’ home decor range[/caption]

InstagramChelsea’s brand Aubree Says is selling a Leather Down Home Candle for $43[/caption]

The reality TV star named her brand Aubree Says after her 13-year-old daughter Aubree whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

Chelsea shared another post to promote the Leather Down Home Candle which is a mixture of citrus, jasmin, sandalwood, and a hint of cinnamon.

The accessory comes in a brown faux leather holder, but many of Chelsea’s fans and followers were left stunned by the $43 price tag.

Commenting on the photo, one person wrote: “This stuff is expensive!” while another said: “Overpriced af.”

A third follower asked: “$43 for a candle??” while someone else joked: “I don’t know if I can trust this…. it isn’t black.”

They were perhaps referring to the backlash that Chelsea has received for her design skills.

The Teen Mom alum and her husband Cole DeBoer recently launched their very own HGTV show called Down Home Fab in which they transformed people’s homes.

The season finale of Down Home Fab aired last week and Chelsea posted a montage video on Instagram to mark the occasion.

However, many of her fans and followers were not so keen on her design choices.

“Black, gold, white, a touch of wood, cowhide and antlers in ALL projects. Repetitive much?” one person accused.

Another harsh critic said: “I would of asked for my money back. Especially because of the cabinets.”

A third follower commented: “Love the show.. know she loves black but I think this episode there was too much of it.”

And a fourth person asked: “Y do u use so much black in all your designs,” and someone else moaned: “Everything was cheap and cringe.”


The comments were similar when the episode actually aired.

For their project, Chelsea and 34-year-old Cole were tasked with remodeling parts of their clients Beth and Ryan’s four-bedroom-three-bathroom abode.

They repainted the entire house outside and reconstructed their living room, playroom, bathroom, kitchen, and storage areas.

The makeover involved incorporating much of the white and black colors seen in the Teen Mom 2 alum’s South Dakota farmhouse, replacing furniture and flooring, and adding black and white countertops, among other updates.

Shortly after the episode aired, fans harshly criticized the HGTV stars, taking to a popular Teen Mom thread to share their opinions.

“I’d prob ask for a refund,” the original poster wrote, starting the discussion.

“Nooo those shutters or whatever they’re called on the exterior look unfinished. I hate it,” one person commented.

“Why does it look like there’s pieces of plywood on the outside now?” another asked.

“Those cupboards look so cheap,” a third stated.

“The kitchen is so ugly,” a fourth wrote.

“I’m no expert but this is awful? The white cabinets brightened up the kitchen and now it seems like smaller and darker. The outside??? Wtf is that like unfinished wood?” a fifth complained.

“The only semi-okay thing was the aluminum tub shelves in the bathroom. I have no style and even I can see that this is horrific,” someone else said.

InstagramSome of Chelsea’s followers branded the candle ‘expensive’ and ‘overpriced’[/caption]

Instagram/ chelseahouskaChelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer have branched out into home renovation[/caption]

DiscoveryThe couple has their very own HGTV show called Down Home Fab[/caption]

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