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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shun daughter Jinger in new heartbreaking post after she exposes family in scathing tell-all

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shun daughter Jinger in new heartbreaking post after she exposes family in scathing tell-all

JIM Bob and Michelle Duggar have decided to publically support one child while ignoring the achievements of others.

Today, the Duggar family’s primary Instagram account posted an Instagram Story highlighting James Duggar’s adventures.

Instagram/duggarfamJim Bob and Michelle Duggar snubbed their 29-year-old daughter Jinger[/caption]

YouTube/Jinger and Jeremy VuoloJinger’s parents have remained silent in regard to Jinger’s successful new book[/caption]

James traveled to Rome, Pompeii, Venice, and London on a massive trip abroad, and he shared all of his adventures on his YouTube channel.

The Duggar Family’s Instagram posted a link to his channel, photos of the cities he visited, and they captioned it: “Check out James’ trip to Europe.”

While it’s not specifically stated on the profile, based on the content @DuggarFam posts, it’s clear that everything shared on the page is approved by Jim Bob or Michelle.

As they hype up their son’s lavish trips overseas and promote his YouTube videos, their Instagram makes no mention of Jinger Duggar’s new book.

Her book, Becoming Free Indeed, has seen major success since it was published garnering a four-star review on Amazon.

Even worse, the profile hasn’t added anything to their feed since May of last year, and Jinger hasn’t made an appearance on the page since April 2021.


After seeing the new Instagram Story that brought the account back from the dead, fans and critics of the TLC show were equally confused about the post in an online thread.

One said: “Imagine dying a horrific death in Pompeii then ending up in a Duggar YouTube video. The suffering never ends.”

Another wrote: “Hmmm I’m surprised she didn’t draw in some clothes over the dead body at Pompeii the arrow is pointing at.”

One fan thinks James is behind his YouTube promotion: “Or possibly James is the one running it? Since his videos seem to be just about the only ones that their family IG promotes these days.”


When it comes to the Duggars, Jinger is a rule-breaking, gossip-spilling, wild card, and her parents started to shun her once they realized she could damage the family name.

All of the family drama led the 29-year-old to write a tell-all book about her experience in her family.

She spoke about Becoming Free Indeed last month on the Tamron Hall show.

The Counting On alum said: “This story I’m telling is, you can’t put up all of these outward standards and rules and say that’s going to do anything. It’s not.

“Your heart has to be changed from the inside out and only Jesus can truly change that.”

The standards Jinger is referring to appear to be the unrealistic standards her parents set for her and her siblings.

An insider told The U.S. Sun that there might be a fallout within the Duggar family from the book’s release.

Even though she had a falling out with some members of the family, she’s rekindling her relationship with some Duggars that have been exiled, like her rebel cousin Amy.

YouTube/James Duggar VlogMeanwhile, the Duggars are happy to hype up their son James’ YouTube channel[/caption]

duggarfam/InstagramThe Duggars brought the family Instagram account back from the dead to support James’ adventures[/caption]

Thomas Nelson/ Harper CollinsJinger’s book Becoming Free Indeed is a tell-all about her experience with her family[/caption]

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