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Hoda Kotb’s fill-in host throws shade at Today’s Jenna Bush Hager in uncomfortable moment on air

Hoda Kotb’s fill-in host throws shade at Today’s Jenna Bush Hager in uncomfortable moment on air

THE Today Show fill-in host, Willie Geist, has thrown shade at his co-host on live TV.

He insulted Jenna Bush Hager‘s vocal talent.

NBCHoda Kotb’s fill-in host, Willie Geist, shaded Jenna Bush Hager, on live TV[/caption]

GettyHe has been filing in for her since Friday[/caption]

On Wednesday’s show, they talked about Riley Keough and her audition for the show, Daisy Jones & The Six.

“But, she said that when she was auditioning for this, she actually lied to get the job because she said when she read the part, she was like, ‘I’m meant to play it,’” Jenna said.

“She had this sort of divine feeling. She said this. ‘I think I blacked out at that meeting. I don’t really remember what happened and then I auditioned like everybody else and lied to them that I could sing’.”

Willie chimed in and said: “You can only lie for so long at that. At some point, you’ve got to sing.”

“I think she knew she had some talent, but I think she exaggerated the level. You can, you know. I mean I always wanted to work with a vocal coach myself,” Jenna said, as she held her hands out and nodded her head.

Willie’s eyes got wide and he looked at the camera as he threw his jab.

“Yeah. You could use some vocal coaching,” he said.

“Wait. What?!” Jenna asked, insulted.

“You have raw potential. You just have to be polished,” Willie corrected himself.

“I feel like I could probably play in a musical or something, if I put the time in,” Jenna said.

Willie laughed and then said: “You’re right. You’re right. It does take time and commitment.”

“Anybody can learn to sing,” Jenna let him know.

They then continued on with the conversations and discussed if they have ever oversold themselves.


Later on in the show, actress Jenny Slate joined the hosts for an interview and Willie threw shade again.

They talked about her time at the SAG Awards and how she messed up her time presenting.

She said she ran to the bathroom and got locked out right before she was about to present and had to scramble to get backstage.

Willie spoke up and said: “It’s a big responsibility. It’s like a bad dream.”

“You literally have a nightmare about that. Like you missed your moment, locked out of the room.”

“That is a bad dream,” Jenny agreed. “And I also have a repeated dream that I’m back in college and signed up for a Biology course and it’s the exam and I’m like, ‘I’m an actor.”

“Dude. And you never went to the class,” Jenna said.

“That’s my dream, but with Calculus.”

Willie stopped her and said: “No. That’s reality for you.”

“And then I look at the exam and I’m like, ‘I don’t know one thing on this paper’,” Jenna finished.


Today Show fans love Willie and Jenna’s dynamic together, so much that they want him to replace Hoda permanently.

Hoda has been out for almost two, as she stays home to deal with a family health matter.

Sheinelle Jones filled in during the beginning of her absence, but then Willie came in part way through.

And the fans love him.

Willie and Jenna practically finished each other’s conversations and they flowed naturally into the next segment.

Today fans thought that they were like brother and sister and took to the comments of an Instagram post of them together to let the show know.

“Great job Willie!! Love when he’s there. And Sheinelle also has done a great job!!” said one fan.

“Love Jenna and Willie together! They are like brother and sister and are hilarious!!!” wrote another.

A third commented: “Love Willie with Jenna. She’s like a different person when Hoda isn’t there. Hmmmm, maybe Willie should replace Hoda!”

One fan simply said: “Yay Willie!”

“Give Willie Geist his own segment. Smart, funny and entertaining!” commented a follower.

“Team Willie!” said another.

“Willie was a great co-host! They were very funny together,” wrote a Today watcher.

One last fan wrote: “I love Willie and Jenna!!!!”

NBCWillie insulted Jenna’s vocal talent and said that she does need a vocal coach[/caption]

NBCHe laughed when she asked ‘what?’ and just confirmed that she needed to sharpen her voice[/caption]

GettyHoda has been at home, dealing with a family matter for almost two weeks[/caption]

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