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GMA’s Ginger Zee is replaced by fan-favorite weatherman- and fans are thrilled about his rare appearance

GMA’s Ginger Zee is replaced by fan-favorite weatherman- and fans are thrilled about his rare appearance

GMA’s Ginger Zee has been replaced by Sam Champion while out for the day in a rare appearance on the morning show.

Ginger, 42, was absent from GMA due to a gig in Los Angeles she took on to interview a famous face.

GMA host Ginger Zee was out for the morning on assignment elsewhere, so she needed a replacementABCFan-favorite weatherman Sam Champion took over in her steadABC

Replacing her for the time being was fan-favorite weatherman Sam Champion.

Sam appeared on the most recent episode, with Rebecca Jarvis giving him a warm welcome to the show.

“Sam Champion is tracking the very latest, he’s in for Ginger. Nice to see you, Sam!”

Sam said cheerily: “Hey Rebecca, good morning, guys!”

He then went on with his forecast.

“Each one of these massive storms has done real destruction in his country,” Sam said as he introduced a rockslide that had happened in California.

“12 feet of snow, just in the last week, 500 inches of snow this season,” he said of the strange wave of winter weather that hit the state.

Fans were elated to see Sam delivering the weather during the show.

One fan wrote: “I love Ginger Zee, but it is so nice to see Sam this morning!”

Another commented: “Always wonderful seeing @SamChampion thank you @ABCNetwork @Disney”

A third said to Sam: “Good morning handsome!!!”

A fourth wrote: “You are the shining light in this show!”

One fan was sad to have missed Sam, writing: “Good morning Sam! If I had known earlier, I would have gotten up! It’s cloudy, rainy here in North Georgia and I slept in!!! Have a wonderful day!”

Several viewers wished Sam a good morning and also expressed how excited they were to see him during the morning’s episode.


Meanwhile, Ginger revealed why she was missing from the show’s studio on Thursday.

Good Morning America fans will be jealous of the new assignment she is taking on in Hollywood.

Sam Champion filled in for Ginger on Thursday to report the weather from the New York Studio.

Meanwhile, she traveled to Los Angeles for a new assignment.

The 42-year-old interviewed Robert Downey Jr. about graupel and his new project, Aura.

Graupel are soft, small pellets formed when supercooled water droplets – typically at a temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit – freeze onto a snow crystal, according to the NOAA.

“Talking graupel with @robertdowneyjr (and his new digital security project Aura),” she captioned the post.

But, she informed her followers when she would be back.

“Missing you all on @goodmorningamerica but next stop for me is a water equality/solution story out here in CA so I’ll be back on the show Monday.”

Ginger ended the post: “Big thanks to the whole team @veronica4makeup @izzyshalawylo @derickandthedomino @sandra.aiken @chithrini @dmanzo1013 and the whole crew.”

The photo featured the meteorologist talking to Robert, who had his arms folded, in front of a colorful photo.

A cameraman could be seen on to the side.

The actor had completely changed his look with a shaved head, which Ginger informed her followers was for his new role.

In the next shot, they were sitting down for the interview in a nice studio.

The last two photos were of one with the whole crew and then just a photo of Ginger sitting in a chair.

She wore capri jeans, a white shirt, and a green blazer, along with simple green heels.


Before interviewing the Iron Man actor, Ginger scared her fans in a behind-the-scenes video.

She shared a clip of her preparing for her “crazy busy” day at GMA on Instagram.

The 42-year-old began the social media video in a face mask with her hair disheveled.

Ginger appeared to be getting ready for bed in her hotel bathroom mirror as she explained her upcoming planned day in the clip.

“I just arrived in Los Angeles; it is rainy and very late; it’s 9:00pm pacific [time], so I gotta be up in four hours,” the meteorologist expressed in the video.

After Ginger gave her spiel in the Instagram flick, the video cut to her reporting live on GMA from Santa Monica, California.

“Two more interviews yet to go— @dmanzo1013 and I have PACKED this trip to tell climate stories, cover weather and even get some time interviewing @robertdowneyjr … captured the first half of the ‘day’ #tvlife #bts #upearlyandlate,” she broke down in her clip’s caption.

Sam delivered the morning news report in Ginger’s stead and fans were thrilledABCMany chimed in to say that they had missed him and were happy to see himABCOthers who missed him tweeted at Sam to tell him they were sad to miss outABC

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