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Whoopi Goldberg furious while detailing jury duty experience as she returns to The View following absence

Whoopi Goldberg furious while detailing jury duty experience as she returns to The View following absence

WHOOPI Goldberg has returned to the The View after taking a day off for jury duty.

The moderator has gotten upset while sharing her experience with, and thoughts on, the process during Wednesday’s episode of the talk show.

ABCWhoopi Goldberg opened up about her recent experience at jury duty[/caption]

ABCThe host returned to The View on Wednesday and shared she was there for one day[/caption]

Once she got out on stage and settled in her seat, Whoopi made a quick joke about returning on Monday following a week of sickness, only to be off again on Tuesday.

She quipped: “I said it the other day, and I’m gonna say it again, it’s nice to be back!” 

The 67-year-old then got heated as she went on to dish on her jury duty experience: “I was out yesterday doing my civic duty. I was on jury duty. And, I have to tell you, it was fine, right?

“…But the thing that irritated me more than anything is I was sitting around, and I’m looking at all these really nice people, and I’m realizing that– if you want people to come and serve on your jury, you gotta pay ‘em more than $40.”

Getting more upset, Whoopi added: “You have to pay them more than $40 because most of the people can’t get out of work. 

“They either get paid by the job or they don’t. But $40 does not really make people feel like they want to get out there and help. It’s irritating.

“…It’s disrespectful! It’s like, ‘What I want you to do is more important than feeding your family.’”

Aside from being out on Tuesday, Whoopi was also absent all last week due to illness.

Joy first shared she had a “cold” last Tuesday, before later upgrading it to a “bad virus” a couple days later.

The fill-in-moderator promised viewers that Whoopi would be back the following week.

She kept that promise, and the Till actress returned to The View on Monday.

Her return was short-lived, though, as she was once again out on Tuesday, this time not for illness but for her jury duty summons.

As Joy predicted, Whoopi was not chosen to serve and was able to return to the talk show on Wednesday.

Sunny Hostin asked during Tuesday’s broadcast, when the moderator was out: “I keep on wondering, are they gonna pick Whoopi for jury?”

“Could you imagine showing up and then seeing Whoopi,” Sara Haines wondered.

Joy said she didn’t believe the actress would get chosen, as she didn’t think “people who are famous get chosen.”

She especially didn’t think they would choose Whoopi, since everyone knows she has “a particular point of view.”

ABCWhoopi was furious that people are only given a small amount of money for attending jury duty instead of being at their usual jobs[/caption]

ABCWhile Whoopi was absent on Tuesday from the talk show, Joy Behar took over her responsibilities at moderator[/caption]

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