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Whoopi Goldberg abruptly stops show to call out audience member live on air in awkward moment

Whoopi Goldberg abruptly stops show to call out audience member live on air in awkward moment

WHOOPI Goldberg has singled out a fan during a chat about actor Michael B. Jordan.

During a recent episode of The View, Whoopi brought up actor Michael B. Jordan after his appearance on the show.

Whoopi Goldberg recently brought The View to an abrupt stop when she called out an audience memberABCShe insinuated the audience member knew all about the story she was going to talk aboutABC

She joked: “Michael B. Jordan, yum yum. I can say that because, you know, he’s just delicious.”

The moderator continued: “He just is, and I missed him when he was here.”

Whoopi launched into a tale about Michael’s encounter with an old classmate, who had since become a podcaster and media star.

Before she could get the entire story underway, she paused to look directly at an audience member.

Pointing at them, she wore a grin as she asked, “You know about this, don’t you?”

The audience clapped and laughed at Whoopi’s commented.

“Uh-huh,” Whoopi said as she looked back to the camera and continued her story.

“He reminded her about some past on-air comments she may have made about him,” Whoopi said as she was clearly excited to be reporting the story.

“Take a look!” Whoopi said as she showed the clip, where Michael had interacted with the aforementioned classmate.

In the clip, Michael reminded the podcaster that she had called him “corny” in the past.

After airing the clip, Whoopi wore an awkward grin as she shook her head a bit, looking out at the audience.

She summed it up for the audience: “It’s hard when people can say ‘I heard you say it. It’s really tough!’”

The View panelists went on to discuss their thoughts on how the podcast host had treated Michael as well as his response.


Meanwhile, Whoopi had to miss The View once again recently, though this time for a different reason.

Fans shared their surprise upon seeing the moderator absent on Tuesday, after only just returning on Monday following a week of sick leave.

As the episode’s fill-in moderator, Joy Behar revealed to fans that Whoopi, 67, was out from the show, though she wasn’t sick again.

The View host explained that the actress was actually absent due to a jury duty summons.

Joy shared: “Whoopi is out on jury duty today. Yes.”

Sunny Hostin then added: “I keep on wondering, are they gonna pick Whoopi for jury?”

“Could you imagine showing up and then seeing Whoopi,” Sara Haines wondered.

Joy said she doesn’t believe the moderator will get chosen, as she doesn’t think “people who are famous get chosen.”

She especially doesn’t think they would choose Whoopi, since everyone knows she has “a particular point of view.”

The 80-year-old comedian went on to say that she doesn’t have to worry about any of it, either, due to her age.

“If you get old enough, like me, you can skip jury duty,” Joy said. “They told me I was too old to do jury duty. It’s one of the benefits of being old.”

One surprised viewer tweeted about the moderator’s absence: “Whoopi…jury duty?!”

Another wrote: “So Whoopi’s on jury duty! Wondered! For real??”

“Whoopi Goldberg is out on jury duty, but at least she doesn’t have to go to work today,” commented a third fan.

A fourth used a face-palm emoji to convey their feelings on Whoopi being out again, this time at jury duty.

Whoopi was also absent all last week due to illness.

Joy first shared she had a “cold” last Tuesday, before later upgrading it to a “bad virus” a couple days later.

The fill-in-moderator promised viewers that Whoopi would be back the following week.

She kept that promise, and the Till actress returned to The View on Monday.

Her return was short-lived, though, as she was once again out on Tuesday, this time not for illness but for her jury duty summons.


Previously, Whoopi had been gone for a week from the morning show.

She blamed one of her co-hosts for “getting her sick” in an awkward live moment.

On Monday’s episode, there were five chairs at the desk again, as Whoopi returned from being sick.

As the women sat down, she started off the show with a greeting.

“Well, hello. Welcome to The View. It’s nice to be back,” the 67-year-old said.

“It’s nice to have you back,” Ana Navarro said off-screen.

“Yes, it’s nice to have you back,” Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in.

Sara Haines drank whatever was in her cup and said: “We missed you.”

Whoopi then snapped back at her: “Well, I don’t know if I’m talking to you.”

Sara put her mug down and nearly spit out her water as the moderator laughed.

“Are we blaming me?” Sara asked, as she reached a hand over to touch Whoopi’s arm.

“Well, no. You know,” Whoopi said.

Sunny Hostin spoke up and said: “Well, you did have that weird cold.”

“I did have a cough,” Sara said.

“And a little cold,” Whoopi interjected.

“And when you were gone, Ryan goes, ‘thanks, Whoopi’s out,’” Sara continued.

Whoopi then went on to say that people still need to be careful about wearing masks because the flu “flew right in.”

She added that if she got it from anybody, she was glad she got it from Sara.

The entire table of panelists laughed about Whoopi’s commentsABCShe then told the story about an old friend of Michael B. Jordan’sABCWhoopi couldn’t keep a straight face afterwardABC

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