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Wheel of Fortune fans fume over ‘greedy’ contestant for their ‘despicable’ gameplay in explosive new episode

Wheel of Fortune fans fume over ‘greedy’ contestant for their ‘despicable’ gameplay in explosive new episode

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant on Tuesday’s episode competed in a way that made the internet spin into anger.

Mary Ann almost exclusively bought vowels and in a wild moment, grabbed a $1M wedge from the wheel before she was allowed to.

ABCWheel of Fortune fans were not thrilled with Mary Ann’s gameplay[/caption]

ABCShe bought vowels at every turn and wildly grabbed a $1M wedge leaving Pat Sajak to stop the game[/caption]

The school administrator from Athens, Alabama drove Wheel of Fortune fans insane for her pattern of calling out vowels.

On the first puzzle the bought an “O” and an “A” and then lost her turn.

On another puzzle under the category “Event” Mary Ann landed on the million-dollar wedge and went to grab it straight off the board, which is against the rules.

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed and tried taking the wedge from the wheel.

‘NO, NO!’

“Ba ba ba no no no!” Pat Sajak, 76, said, losing his cool.

“Here’s what you do, you call a letter,” he pleaded.

The contestant called an “H” at which point Pat let her pick it up because there were two “H’s on the board.

“You put a million dollars in front of someone and they just get goofy,” he joked.

Mary Ann then bought every last vowel – an “E” “O” “A” and then an “I” even though the puzzle looked nearly solved for “The biggest celebration of the year.”

“That’s it, they’re all gone. Spin it or solve it” Pat asked getting understandably impatient.

And yet, Mary Ann kept spinning until she lost her turn.

Game show fans simply hate Wheel contestants who buy up $250 vowels and don’t try to mentally stretch themselves to solve a puzzle – let alone reach across the wheel grabbing a wedge without the go-ahead.


One Twitter user put it: “I DESPISE these people who won’t just SOLVE THE FU***NG PUZZLE!”

Another accused: “Stop being greedy, see what happens Mary and spin that Wheel properly” – when she went and grabbed the wedge.

“Hey Mary Ann, are you just gonna buy vowels for the other contestants all night?” wrote a third.

“It didn’t work the last two puzzles a**hole and ya lost your million!” blasted a fourth fan.


Recent Barbara missed a puzzle in a more unfortunate way – she forgot to say a fully spelled-out word.

It was her turn on a puzzle that wound up being “Taking some time for myself.”

She correctly guessed an “S” and felt confident in solving it as the board was almost completed.

“Taking time for myself” she announced.

Barbara forgot the word “some” despite it being completely up on the board.

“Barbara left off a fully spelled out word (“some”) in an attempt to solve the puzzle and missed out on a trip to Costa Rica. I feel so bad for her!” one fan tweeted.

And on last Monday’s show, 10th grader Khushi of Colorado Springs, Colorado was breezing through a Food & Drink board.

After successfully guessing an H, she was left with a puzzle that read: “FRE_H TROPICAL FRUIT.”

The answer was a seemingly easy-to-guess “Fresh Tropical Fruit,” but inexplicably guessed a “G.”

ABCOne fan tweeted: ‘Hey Mary Ann, are you just gonna buy vowels for the other contestants all night?’[/caption]

ABCShe also reached for the $1M wedge too early – Pat pleaded: ‘Here’s what you do, you call a letter’[/caption]

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