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Today’s Al Roker mocks Craig Melvin over ‘something only co-host would do’ as star debuts ‘fresh cut’ on live TV

Today’s Al Roker mocks Craig Melvin over ‘something only co-host would do’ as star debuts ‘fresh cut’ on live TV

TODAY star Al Roker pokes fun at his co-star Craig Melvin for doing “something” that only he “would do.”

During Wednesday’s episode of Today, Al playfully mocked Craig as the 43-year-old debuted his “fresh cut” on live TV.

Instagram/craigmelvinnbcToday’s Al Roker mocked co-host Craig Melvin as he debuted his fresh haircut[/caption]

Instagram/craigmelvinnbcCraig thanked Al for the compliment and revealed his barber’s name[/caption]

The 68-year-old noticed Craig’s updated hairstyle as soon as they started anchoring their morning show segment alongside co-host Savannah Guthrie, 51.

Immediately the weatherman took a moment on-air to compliment him as he “welcomed” him back.

“Love the new haircut…[it] looks clean. I like that,” Al told Craig.

The NBC personality thanked Al for the praise as he proudly rubbed his head with a huge grin on his face.

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“Thank you very much I appreciate that and my barber DJ Fresh appreciates it too,” Craig replied.

Al laughed as he repeated the name “DJ Fresh,” seemingly confirming with Craig if he heard him right.

Craig repeated the name “DJ Fresh,” appearing to confirm what he said before he informed his co-anchors that his barber’s name was actually a “stage name.”

Savannah and Al giggled at Craig going to a barber “with a stage name;” however, only Al mocked him about it.

“…Only you would have a barber with a stage name,” Al joked.

Although she laughed initially, Savannah admitted that she did “love” the fact his barber had a stage name.


Lately, Al has gotten sassy with Craig on Today.

Back in February, Al called out Craig for his behavior when dining out at restaurants.

At one point, Al spoke about dinner time with his wife Deborah Roberts, and admitted that she tells him to save his stories for when they eat.

“You know, it’s funny because I’ll start telling Deborah stories and she’ll say, ‘save it for dinner’,” Al said as his colleagues burst out laughing.

Al mimicked talking to Deborah and continued: “We’ve run out of things so I’ve gotta save stuff?”

“Save it for dinner!?” Craig blurted out laughing, before joking: “Save your best material!”

Today star Sheinelle Jones, 44, then mentioned a tip for when you go to dinner with someone and they start telling you a story you’ve already heard.

Al then butted in and said: “And here’s what you’re never gonna get if you go to dinner with Craig… fighting for the check!”

Craig took it on the chin and burst out laughing again as Al admitted: “So you should all agree in the beginning what you’re gonna do, or like I do, I make an excuse to go the bathroom!”

“He disappears!” Craig shouted back as Sheinelle and Dylan continued laughing at their exchange.

GettyCraig explained that his barber’s name was ‘DJ Fresh’ which was a ‘stage name’[/caption]

GettyAl joked that only Craig would have a barber with a stage name[/caption]

GettyAl has gotten cheeky with Craig on Today lately[/caption]

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