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The View fans blast Whoopi Goldberg for ‘screaming’ as she ‘interrupts’ co-hosts in uncomfortable live segment

The View fans blast Whoopi Goldberg for ‘screaming’ as she ‘interrupts’ co-hosts in uncomfortable live segment

WHOOPI Goldberg has been blasted by The View fans for “yelling” during a discussion.

She interrupted her co-hosts and didn’t let them finish their points before the show cut to commercial.

The View / ABCWhoopi Goldberg has yelled over her co-hosts and interrupted them during an awkward live moment[/caption]

ABCThey were trying to make their points as she told them they had to go to commercial[/caption]

On Wednesday’s show, The View panel talked about the origins of COVID-19 and how it might have been covered up.

Some health organizations thought it came from an infected animal and spread to humans, but now FBI Director Christopher Wray is claiming it was a lab leak.

Jon Stewart then commented on the pandemic, and said that politics got in the way of it.

After the clip aired, Whoopi went on a passionate rant about how COVID-19 origins affected Asian people because they were blamed for “bringing it to the country.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin spoke up and said that 7 million people were killed by the Corona Virus and getting to the origins was important to avoid “another massive pandemic.”

She said she believed it was from a lab leak and went on to make her point, when Whoopi interrupted her.

“But, the President of the United States-,” Whoopi began to say, while pointing to her.

“Agreed,” Alyssa said. “But, just to make a point. To rule out any responsibility, they may have-“

Sunny Hostin then interrupted her and said: “I think it was a significant part of it because, if I remember, they didn’t allow the World Health Organization to go into the lab.”

“That was a very big problem, so they were hiding it. I think the other significant problem is that it has moderate certainty, the Energy Department, I think, has limited certainty.”

She continued: “The reason there is so much uncertainty is because the Chinese did not cooperate with the international community.”

It didn’t look like Sunny was done her point, but Whoopi yelled over her and interrupted her point by interjecting her opinion.

Sunny tried to speak, but Whoopi said something and then told her to “hold on” as the show had to go to a commercial break.

They continued the conversation when the show came back and Whoopi apologized for cutting them both off.


Fans took to Twitter to comment on Whoopi interrupting her co-hosts.

“What is the point of having a round table discussion if Whoopi is going to scream at everyone in the middle of their sentence. #TheView,” tweeted one fan.

To that, another said: “It’s ok if interrupting farrah, though,” talking about Alyssa.

“I don’t think Whoopi likes Sunny #theview,” wrote one fan.

“It’s time for Whoopi to give up that chair #theview,” said another.

“Why does Whoopi keep interrupting everyone on #TheView ?” tweeted one fan.


Earlier this week, after Whoopi returned to the show due to her illness, she was slammed for her “rude behavior” once again.

During the episode of The View, Whoopi and the panel talked about an article that discussed married couples giving themselves a “marriage audit.”

When the show came back from commercial, the moderator introduced the segment.

“A new article in the UK Times, therapists are encouraging long-term couples to give themselves a marriage audit, to take stock of the relationship,” she said, with a not impressed expression.

One of her co-hosts could be heard chuckling off-screen.

“Asking questions like, ‘Do you kiss each other hello and goodbye?’” Whoopi said, in a high-pitched voice.

“Do you still make an effort with your personal appearance and stuff?” she still asked in the same voice.

“And is sex fun or is it a chore?”

“Depends on the day,” co-host Ana Navarro chimed in.

Whoopi shrugged and pointed to her, like she had a good point.

“Is this worth it to do this everyday?” Whoopi asked. “What the sex or the question?”

Sunny Hostin confirmed they were talking about the question and then the panel went on to talk about it.

However, fans thought Whoopi’s expressions and voice made her seem like she wasn’t interested.

“So of course we’ll see Whoopi’s uninterested expression during this sex topic! Sometimes I kinda try to avoid, but still! Just sayin’. #theview,” said one fan.

“Why was Whoopi so rude during that marriage segment? #theview,” asked another.

The View / ABCAlyssa was in the middle of her discussion when Whoopi interrupted her[/caption]

ABCWhoopi has been blasted for her ‘rude behavior’ in the past[/caption]

The View / ABCShe did apologize to her co-hosts when the show came back from commercial for interrupting them[/caption]

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