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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans looks unrecognizable in heavily-filtered new video before showing real face in unedited selfie

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans looks unrecognizable in heavily-filtered new video before showing real face in unedited selfie

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans has left fans stunned with a heavily-edited video before revealing her real face.

The MTV alum has been showing off online, sharing sexy selfies on social media.

Not known, clear with picture deskTeen Mom star Jenelle Evans stunned fans with a heavily filtered pic[/caption]

Not known, clear with picture deskThe post began with the filter on and ended with her removing it[/caption]

Jenelle, 31, took to her Instagram Story to share a shocking snap that showed her face beneath an intense filter.

Her brows appeared perfectly arched, her skin incredibly clear, and her lips significantly plumper.

The Teen Mom alum rocked her brown and blonde hair up in a messy bun.

Text over the video briefly read: “With filter.”

Then Jenelle appeared in front of the camera once again, this time without the filter on.

Her brows were much lighter, her skin featured minor imperfections, and her lips were smaller and lighter.

Text over the video read: “No filter.”

Throughout the clip, she mouthed: “Me? Obsessed with you?”

The video ended with her lipsynching the word “yes,” as she laughed slightly and shook her head.”


Jenelle has had fans buzzing as of late, making waves after she and her husband David Eason presented a controversial gift to their daughter Ensley.

The tot recently celebrated turning six.

David marked the occasion a month late by sharing photos of his little girl, showing the moment she opened a birthday gift from him and Jenelle.

She smiled as she tore into a large box containing a BB gun.

David captioned the post: “Happy Birthday kiddo” before adding, “Now I’m waiting for the Karen’s to comment.”

As he predicted, a number of people took issue with the gift and made it known in the comments.

“There is no responsible gun ownership on The Land,” one person slammed. “Start those kids early by not properly teaching them that guns – even BB guns – are dangerous.”

Another added: “No one in this family should own even as much as a water gun.”

“Ah yes, just what a 6-year-old needs! What kindergartener doesn’t need a gun full of metal balls?” a third person clapped, as a fourth echoed: “Ya, because a doll or art supplies just wouldn’t cut it.”


The couple was yet again critiqued after Jenelle shared a video of her morning routine.

The video began with Jenelle filming herself in the bathroom, standing before a mirror with a towel wrapped around her and wet hair hanging loose.

“Let’s get my kids ready for school. I usually wake up about 5am. Today I took a shower,” she begins.

“The sun isn’t even up yet but I had to let my dogs out,” she continues as the clip cuts to footage of her pets.

Referring to Ensley, Jenelle said: “I have to beg her every morning to let me do her hair and I bet it’s not gonna be like this when she comes home.”

The camera then cut to a massive pile of socks sitting on the sofa before panning to Jenelle’s eight-year-old son Kaiser who looked slightly confused.

While filming herself applying a leave-in conditioner to her hair, Jenelle gave viewers a glimpse of her husband David doing his hair beside her.

The Teen Mom alum then prepared to take her two kids to school, filming Kaiser by the front door as he attempted to smile before getting in the car.

“Ensley is almost taller than Kaiser, did you see that?” Jenelle asked as the two kids climbed into the back of her car.

After dropping them off at school, Jenelle said she typically stops off to get gas and then heads to the gym to get in a workout.

A critic posted the clip on a popular Teen Mom Reddit page with the caption: “Of course she had to make a morning vlog on the one day she goes to the gym lmao (trigger warning: David’s hair).”

However, many people were far more concerned with Kaiser than David’s wavy hair.

“Kaiser looks so scared,” one person wrote, while another chimed in: “Those poor kids. Especially Kaiser.”

A third person commented: “Poor Kaiser. He looks absolutely miserable and very sad. I didn’t watch with sound but I don’t think I need to.”

A fourth commenter observed: “Kaiser looked so sad… his eye they just look so sad and helpless!” and a fifth added: “Sweet face Kaiser has such sad eyes.”

“Kaiser looks so sad,” another person agreed, as someone else claimed: “I got the same feeling. Kaiser truly looks confused, she is even laughing.”

Another Reddit user quipped: “He looks so confused by matched socks I’m sure they’re a rarity lol.”

Someone else added: “The awkward silence when the camera goes to Kaiser..she literally didn’t even try to make it look like she gives a s**t.”

Jenelle Evans/InstagramJenelle and her husband David Eason have had fans buzzing lately[/caption]

TikTok / Jenelle EvansThe MTV alum gives fans glimpses into her home life and parenting style[/caption]

InstagramNot everyone seems to agree with her way of doing things[/caption]

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