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Love Island fans slam ‘double standards’ as they claim Islander is being ‘bullied’

Love Island fans slam ‘double standards’ as they claim Islander is being ‘bullied’

LOVE Island fans have slammed the show’s contestants for having double standards after Jessie’s clash with Casey last night.

The Aussie beauty waded into Casey’s row with Will and Tom over their lack of support for him following his fallout with Claudia.

ErotemeJessie Wynter is at the centre of a ‘bullying’ row in the villa[/caption]

She took it upon herself to find out why Casey was so annoyed by the boys’ behaviour and made it clear she felt they’d done nothing wrong.

However, her interference riled him as he felt it was none of her business.

The atmosphere in the villa subsequently became very chilly and viewers felt Jessie was being unfairly turned into a pariah.

One viewer wrote: “Very strange behaviour watching Jessie getting cancelled in the villa for calling Casey out once *to his face* but no one called Olivia out on movie night when she spoke about everyone *behind their back*.”

Another said: “Is it just me who thinks Jessie has done nothing wrong? like ok yeah she could’ve not pulled Casey and said what she said but what she did say rly wasn’t that deep? why’s it being blown up into some massive hate Jessie thing now.”

Others pointed out that Olivia had zero repercussions for talking nonsense behind other people’s backs, yet when Jessie confronted someone to their face she was made out to be the bad person.

Her row with Casey broke out after she asked: “Firstly, are you OK? The boys mentioned that you were a bit annoyed?”

“The boys weren’t trying to not stick up for you, they were just trying to console Claudia.”

Casey responded: “The boys have apologised to me so it’s fine.”

Jessie said: “I’m going to be honest, I don’t think that they needed to apologise.”

Becoming increasingly annoyed, Casey said: “I don’t understand why you’re trying to get involved in this, I don’t know why you’re getting your two pence involved.”

Jessie replied: “Because I feel bad for Will because I saw how upset he got about you being surprised at him.”

Unhappy with her answer, Casey sniped: “I really don’t understand why you’re getting involved in this, it’s really got nothing to do with you. I’ve literally been through this with everyone, I don’t need to go through it with you.”

 Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

ITVCasey didn’t like Jessie interfering in his business with the boys[/caption]

ITVCasey admitted he sees more of a future with Rosie than Claudia[/caption]

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