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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s daughter Victoria, 28, gives fans a look at her massive kitchen in new mansion

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s daughter Victoria, 28, gives fans a look at her massive kitchen in new mansion

LONG Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s daughter Victoria has provided fans with an update on her new home as she shares a video of her massive kitchen.

Victoria, 28, and her husband Michael Mastrandrea began construction on the home in February 2020.

InstagramLong Island Medium Theresa Caputo’s daughter Victoria provided fans with an update on her new home[/caption]

Instagram/ viccaputoVictoria shared a video of her unfinished kitchen on Instagram Wednesday[/caption]

The video, posted to Victoria’s Instagram Stories, captured the kitchen in the midst of its construction.

Captioned “Kitchen update,” the recording showcased area’s the painted white cabinets, wood-planked floor, and stained kitchen island.

Painters tape still covered all the knobs and hardware and the countertops had yet to be installed but progress appears to have been made.

Once completed, there’ll be plenty of room for cooking as the kitchen is incredibly large.

Visibility shouldn’t be an issue either as the unfinished room is already equipped with overhead lighting.

Last year, Victoria gave fans an update on her dream new mansion’s construction not long after the reality TV star welcomed her first child in February.

Instagram/viccaputoLast year, Victoria showed off the early stages of construction on her new home[/caption]

Her husband Michael initially posted the photo, which she shared with a SpongeBob SquarePants gif of him being excited.

The picture showed the bare-boned structure of the couple’s mansion with a beautiful blue sky behind it.

The house was still in its beginning stages as only the beams were up and it has been under construction since February 2020.

Even though Victoria and Michael are currently building their dream home, they did buy a house together in 2020.

Just months before their September 2020 wedding, the couple bought their first home.

She captioned the photo, “We did a thing!”

In the photo, the pair sat on the steps of their new place with a sign that read, “… we are homeowners. Est. 2020.”

But now, they are building their dream mansion as they expand their family.

Nearly one year after they got married, Victoria and Michael announced their pregnancy.

They welcomed a daughter, Michaelina, in February 2022, making Theresa a grandmother for the first time.


Last month, Theresa Caputo, 55, dug her claws into an internet troll who insulted her daughter.

The Long Island Medium clapped back after the person called Victoria overweight online.

Victoria shared a video on Instagram in which she joked that she doesn’t need makeup.

In the comments section, one person decided to take her down.

“Oh, you need make up and you need to also lose some of that phat off your a$$,” the troll wrote. “You have been very overweight for so long and you don’t even try to lose weight or look good. Used to be a cute girl now you’re just a [sic] overweight middle age woman.”

Theresa was having none of that.

The 55-year-old medium responded with an Instagram story on her own account while posting the disparaging remark.

“Can you believe what this person commented on my daughter’s page?” she cried out. “What is wrong with people?”

In Victoria’s initial post, fans rushed to support her.

“It’s so disgusting to read the negative comments,” one person said. “Stay strong and beautiful.”

Another added: “It hurts me how cruel people are. You are a beautiful person and I don’t understand what people get out of being mean and saying stupid things.”

While a third posted: “I’m shocked by the nasty rude comments people leave you. You’re so beautiful. You’ve always been. Beauty isn’t a number on a scale.”

And one fan simply summed up: “Fine like wine.”

Instagram/ viccaputoVictoria showcased the progress made to her kitchen as she recorded the wooden floors, kitchen island, and white cabinets[/caption]

Instagram/meet.the.mastrandreasVictoria and her husband Michael began construction on their home before they welcomed their daughter Michelina Rose in 2022[/caption]

Instagram Theresa CaputoTheresa recently clapped back at an internet troll who called her daughter overweight[/caption]

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