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Little People’s Isabel Roloff asks fans for affirmations in new pic as she admits she’s going through the ‘hardest time’

Little People’s Isabel Roloff asks fans for affirmations in new pic as she admits she’s going through the ‘hardest time’

Little People, Big World’s Isabel Roloff has taken to social media to reach out to her fans for help.

Recently Isabel asked her supporters for self-affirmations that she could use to boost her confidence as a mother on her Instagram Stories.

Instagram/isabelsofiarocIsabel Roloff asked fans for help in her latest Instagram Story[/caption]

Instagram/isabelsofiarockIsabel’s question came after she admitted she was going through a ‘hard time’[/caption]

The 26-year-old’s question was straightforward and came after she admitted she was going through the “hardest time.”

Isabel’s direct question to her followers was: “What are some affirmations or things you say to yourself to remind yourself you are a good parent?”

The TLC star shared a fan’s response to her question in a separate Instagram Story.

In that post, a fan replied: “I got this. One day at a time,” as an affirmation she could utilize.

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Isabel thanked the fan for giving her the helpful phrase without including unsolicited “parenting advice” in the Story’s caption.

“Thanks! This is more so what I was looking for, not parenting advice.

“I KNOW I’m a good mom, I was just curious how you remind yourself…

“Affirmations really click for me and it helps me to say them out loud sometimes.”

She gave birth to her and her husband Jacob’s son Mateo in 2021.

In the following Instagram Story, Isabel continued: “I just love this kid so much and want to do my very best for him.

“Sometimes that comes with little pep talks to myself.”


Recently the TV personality opened up on social media about the tough things that were happening in her life.

Isabel wrote: “I am currently going through easily one of the weirdest/hardest times of my life right now.

“Each day feels like a marathon. If this is you too, you are not alone. Brighter days are ahead, I can feel it,” she closed with a red heart emoji.

Earlier this month, Isabel shared a similar message on Instagram as she encounters “battles” in her life.

The mother of one posted a video of herself walking with a giant cowboy hat on her newly coiffed hair.

As the Sharon Van Etten song, Every Time the Sun Comes Up, played in the background, a possibly troubling message scrolled across the screen.

“Please try to remember,” she shared: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

“So be really, really kind if you can.”

Isabel went into slightly greater detail in the caption.

“I know it’s hard to keep in mind,” Isabel explained.

“Someone cuts you off, or they’re taking too long in front of you in line, or whatever it is.

“They have their story, and I’m sure they’re trying in whatever capacity that looks like to them.

“So be relentlessly kind. It matters.”

Instagram @isabelsofiarockThe TLC personality revealed the she wasn’t looking for ‘parenting advice’[/caption]

Instagram / Isabel RoloffIsabel admitted that she loved her son Mateo and wanted the ‘best’ for him[/caption]

Instagram/@isabelsofiarockIsabel also revealed that saying affirmations ‘out loud’ helped her[/caption]

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