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Little People’s Audrey Roloff shows off toned body in tiny bikini for new video despite star’s conservative views

Little People’s Audrey Roloff shows off toned body in tiny bikini for new video despite star’s conservative views

AUDREY Roloff has posted a series of videos and photos modeling swimwear on social media.

The Little People, Big World star took to her Instagram Stories while visiting Disneyland and showed off her new bikinis and swimsuits.

Instagram/Always MoreAudrey Roloff took revealing selfies to promote a swimwear brand on Instagram[/caption]

InstagramIn one photo, Audrey showed of her midriff and legs in a low-rise bikini[/caption]

In a chatty video, Audrey, 31, explained that she had stayed behind while her husband Jeremy took the kids down to the hot tub.

The mother-of-three took the opportunity to showcase her new items, and proudly posed for the camera.

One bikini was a tight-fitting beige high-waisted set, which Audrey said their daughter Ember, five, also owned.

Another suit showed off was a chic black bikini, which Audrey filmed while showing off her body in the bathroom mirror.

Next, she changed into a blue bikini, and described the piece as “affordable and flattering.”

Finally, Audrey posted a full-body selfie of the most revealing two-piece.

In place of high-waisted swimsuit bottoms, Audrey wore the low-rise alternative, showing off her toned stomach in the skin-baring black bikini.

The slew of bikini pics may come as a shock to fans.

Audrey and Jeremy follow a strict Christian lifestyle and have promoted conservative viewpoints.

The devout mother has come under fire over the years for various controversial comments, including her past “anti-gay” remarks in her religious blog posts.

However, this isn’t the first time Audrey has strayed from her established views in Insta promotions.

Last year, she posted Instagram Stories which showed off an organic lube as a “last-minute Father’s Day gift.”

The TV personality showcased the raunchy items from Coconu, including water-based and oil-based lubes and lubricant travel packets.

Aubrey offered her fans an extra incentive of 15 percent off the already discounted products with her special promo code.

Reddit users were shocked at the star’s advertisement, claiming that the products were not “Christlike,” given her known religious stance.

The original poster shared a screenshot of her video, adding the caption: “Peddling LUBE now? Not very Christlike…but gotta pay for the new ‘farm’ somehow I guess.”

Another person found the new business venture odd, commenting: “Lol. She must really be getting desperate for $. She can’t even look at the camera.”


Audrey and Jeremy’s decision to take their children to Disneyland also came under fire.

Last week, Audrey shared a clip to Instagram Reels of her kids learning that they’d be visiting the amusement park, but some fans quickly took umbrage.

In a responding Instagram Story, she shared a screenshot of people slamming her in the comments of the reel.

The comment read: “How can a Christian go to Disney? Pls protect your children.”

Audrey captioned the post: “Comments on my reel like this.”

People also pointed out that her husband’s brother Zach had just been, and suggested that Audrey and Jeremy were just copying their family.

“Wow, Zach and Tori just went…” one person noted.

Another added: “Wondered why they just all of sudden (are) now telling the kids they are going to Disneyland, when Zach and Tori just went weeks ago?

“Funny how that happens.”

InstagramAnother snap focused on the star’s toned physique in a swimsuit bought to match with five-year-old daughter Ember.[/caption]

InstagramIn one video, Audrey showed off her bikini from all angles while posing in her hotel’s bathroom mirror[/caption]

Instagram/@audreyroloffAudrey posted the content while in Disneyland with husband Jeremy and two of their three children[/caption]

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