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Kim Kardashian flaunts her skinny arms in sports bra & tight leggings in new gym video after she’s ripped for ‘bad form’

Kim Kardashian flaunts her skinny arms in sports bra & tight leggings in new gym video after she’s ripped for ‘bad form’

KIM Kardashian has posted new content about her at-home workouts and critics think her form is “garbage.”

While wearing an all-black outfit and her hair up in a banana clip, Kim performed Romanian deadlifts with an 80-pound barbell in a video on her Instagram Stories.

InstagramKim Kardashian is being dragged online for her bad form in the gym[/caption]

InstagramCritics are angry because they feel like Kim is tricking her fans into thinking her body is natural[/caption]

She wrote: “Nothing like a two-hour workout with @senada.greca to get my jetlag back on track.”

Kim just got home from Milan fashion week where she represented Dolce & Gabbana.

On the next slide of her story, the Hulu reality star posted a photo of her sitting on the floor of the gym with her hand in the air.

She captioned the photo: “And finishing off strong is the best feeling ever to check a good workout off of the daily schedule.”


Critics of the Kardashians talked about her workout videos in an online forum, and they were not impressed.

One clever fan said: “This is exactly how my Sims work out.”

Another said: “Whilst I agree that her form is absolute garbage, I think what annoys me most is she’s uploading these as a ‘hey look I work hard for the body I have’ instead of being honest about the work she’s had done.”

A third sarcastically wrote: “Okay but no lie I just started working out two days ago and this is what I look like. She is just like me.”

Someone said: “This personal trainer must suck or… Kim is doing her usual two hours of posing while she books her cool sculpting appointment.”


Despite constantly working out with her personal trainer Senada Greca, the KUWTK star has been slammed in the past for her bad form in the gym.

By posting a mixture of photos and videos, Kim showed off her excessive and exhausting workout routine.

The mom-of-four used an array of different equipment inside her massive home gym and appeared to be pushing herself to her limit as she did squats and hip thrusts.

She captioned a mirror selfie of her and Senada: “Just trying to be like her today! Crazy workout even when I was tired and didn’t feel like it I got up and pushed myself and ended up having one of my strongest workouts!”

Unfortunately for Kim, Kardashian critics roasted her in online forums and claimed that her form was wrong and she wasn’t doing the moves correctly.

One said: “Her form is awful. This is not something she does regularly.”

Another wrote: “Her form is horrendous. That trainer is so unethical.”

A third person claimed: “On the last exercise she seems to be lopsided like she’s curving to one side.”

Someone else said: “She needs to fire her trainer. It’s terrible that they allow her and her sisters to work out with awful form… her poor back and knees…”

InstagramCritics called Kim’s personal trainer Senada Greca ‘unethical’ because of Kim’s form[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianKim’s workout form has been criticized before, and some worried that she would hurt herself[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianAccording to Kim, she subjects herself to grueling daily two-hour workouts[/caption]

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