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Kardashian fans catch Kim being ‘fake’ after they spot ‘misleading’ detail in new video

Kardashian fans catch Kim being ‘fake’ after they spot ‘misleading’ detail in new video

KIM Kardashian fans have branded the star ‘calculated’ after she posted a new workout clip on social media.

In the new Instagram video, Kim underwent a weight-lifting exercise with her personal trainer.

SplashKim Kardashian posted a glimpse of her workout routine on Instagram[/caption]

InstagramThe star’s weight-based gym clothes clung tightly to her famous curves[/caption]

The mother-of-four wore tight black workout gear, with a low-cut top and her hair hastily clipped up.

Kim, 42, went through a set of Romanian deadlifts while her trainer kept count, and at one point said: “This is heavy!”

The star captioned the video: “Nothing like a 2hr workout w @senada.greca to get my jet lag back on track.”

After this, Kim posted a mirror selfie from inside the gym.

In the snap, Kim knelt on an exercise mat and flashed a peace sign, showing off her slim waist and dramatic curves.

The pic was captioned: “And finishing off strong is the best feeling ever to check a good workout off of the daily schedule.”

However, some fans weren’t sold that Kim’s workout routine was genuine, and felt “mislead” by the idea that Kim’s physique was all down to exercise.

Taking to Reddit, one follower posted Kim’s gym content along with the caption “I work out hard for this body you guys!” topped off with a wink emoji.

Some replies questioned whether Kim’s routine was authentic.

One wrote: “You can tell none of them have ever regularly or seriously worked out like this.”

Another speculated: “Her weights are very clearly fake.”

A third agreed: “This is heavyyy” she knows she’s being recorded. Everything is so damn calculated with her.”

Others pointed out how Kim’s lifting form placed the emphasis on her rear end and suggested that exercise wasn’t the reason for its size.

One person joked: “She’s glute dominant, y’all,” with a winky face.

Another commented: “Misleading her fans to believe terrible form deadlifts can help achieve a Kardashian butt…”


This isn’t the first time people speculated that more than just exercise is behind Kim’s slim yet curvy body.

Last year, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Barrett told The U.S. Sun he thought she may have spent up to $170,000 on surgery.

Although Kim denied undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Barrett did not believe her dismissal of the rumors.

The doctor said: “Kim has been famous for her body contouring!

“She appears to have had liposuction with fat transfer. At one point, her results were overdone and very exaggerated.”

Fans also questioned the Kardashians’ tendency to only take revealing bikini pics front-on.

One user wrote on Twitter: “Has anyone noticed how we don’t ever see bathing suit pics of any of the Kardashians/Jenners from the back?

“Is it because we’d see the BBL scars?”

InstagramMany fans questioned whether Kim truly did exercise every day, and thought that the weights looked fake[/caption]

InstagramSome fans have speculated that surgery rather than exercise is behind the star’s ‘Kardashian’ butt[/caption]

GettyKim is regaining her curves after she lost 16 pounds last summer to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the Met Gala[/caption]

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