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GMA’s Lara Spencer shows off elegant all-white outfit with a catwalk to celebrate ‘snow day’ in behind-the-scenes video

GMA’s Lara Spencer shows off elegant all-white outfit with a catwalk to celebrate ‘snow day’ in behind-the-scenes video

GMA host Lara Spencer has strutted her stuff in an all-white blazer while carrying her heels in one hand.

Lara was feeling herself in a new video she posted to her personal Instagram account.

GMA’s Lara Spencer shared a new video to her Instagram that had her strutting like a modelInstagramClad in an all-white ensemble, she walked down a hallway as if it were a catwalkInstagram

The video found Lara wearing an all-white outfit, decked out in the shade from head to toe.

She paired a double-breasted blazer with a white top and pants, adding a pair of fluffy slippers to top it all off.

Jokingly, she carried and swung a pair of heels around at her side while walking.

She turned the hallway in the video into her very own personal catwalk.

“Oh, look at her,” someone said about Lara off-camera.

“Winter white from the head down to my toes!” Lara shouted as she passed.

She bobbed her head while walking, clearly serving supermodel.

Lara captioned her post “Celebrating a snow day” and added snowflake and snowman emoji.


Meanwhile, Lara shared an exciting new project with the design couple Brooke and Brice Gilliam.

Lara, 53, teased the upcoming collaboration by revealing she’d be working with her “favorite Nashville design studio.”

Lara shared a photo of her with the design duo holding up a picture frame and a few rolls of tape – a nod to the couple’s thrifty furniture flips.

Brooke and Brice Gilliam are self-taught house flippers working with design superstars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

The Gilliam couple has been streaming their HBO Max show under the Gaines’ tutelage.

Lara said she is working on a home project with the duo behind Magnolia Network’s Making Modern.

“If you haven’t seen their show #MakingModern on HBO Max and Magnolia-check it out,” Lara wrote in her caption.

Brice, a licensed dentist, spends his spare time as the designer in the couple.

Brooke, a pharmaceutical sales representative, leads the construction and building projects.

“We started building in 2015,” Brooke said in an interview with People.

She noted that the couple “didn’t have a fantastic experience with our builder” at the time.

The couple loves modern designs filled with natural colors and warm lighting.

“Modern is clean, crisp lines, kind of minimalistic, not a lot of mess,” Brice said.

“We are trying to show a livable, functioning version of modern. It doesn’t have to be sterile and hospital-like.”

The couple also talked about their efforts to subvert gender norms.

“I want girls, in general, to feel they can do anything that they want to do,” Brooke said when asked about advice for women who want to build.

“If you want to learn, find a mentor and learn. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid because you don’t know how to use a nail gun, or a drill, or whatever.”


Recently, Lara took some time to shout out her co-host Rebecca Jarvis.

Lara announced: “We need to mention another big winner this weekend: Rebecca Jarvis.”

She continued: “The show you created and executive produced, The Dropout, won for Best Limited Series at the PGA Awards. Congratulations!”

Rebecca was excited to hear the praise and thanked Lara.

She replied: “I mean, such an incredible team that put The Dropout together at ABC News with Searchlight and Hulu, and of course I missed the actual celebration ’cause it was my daughter’s kid’s birthday this weekend so we rang it in at the kid’s gym.”

Robin Roberts chimed in: “Well deserved, however you did it.”

Rebecca thanked everyone for their support.

Later, she also took to Twitter to thank Lara for the congratulatory message.

She wrote: “Thank you so much @LaraSpencer – grateful for you and my @GMA family and The Dropout team!”

Lara called her outfit ‘winter white’ and bobbed her head while she walkedGetty ImagesWith her heels in her hand, she wore a pair of white fluffy slippers with her outfitInstagramShe walked on by the person filming her video and gave a sassy shake as she went out of viewGetty Images

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