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Duggar fans blast Amy for ‘dangerous’ parenting decision involving son Daxton, 3, as fans pray for his ‘safety’

Duggar fans blast Amy for ‘dangerous’ parenting decision involving son Daxton, 3, as fans pray for his ‘safety’

AMY Duggar has allowed her toddler to climb on top of furniture in a nerve-wracking new photo.

Amy shared the photo of her three-year-old son Daxton on her Instagram page with an important message: online predators are real and children need to be protected.

instagram/amyrachellekingAmy Duggar has been accused of putting her child in a dangerous situation[/caption]

Instagram/@amyrachellekingThree-year-old Daxton was pictured climbing on a piece of furniture[/caption]

Daxton can be seen standing on a flimsy grey and black dresser with photos of the TLC star’s wedding behind him.

He’s wearing an adorable cowboy hat and camo sweatpants, but he does not have a shirt on in the photo. So, Amy covered him with a blue heart emoji

She explains that she added the emoji and then took a screenshot of the photo because there is a new technology that allows predators to remove emojis from photos of children.

She captioned the photo: “Good morning to my lil monkey Spider-Man cutie! Haha this boy is fearless!!

“Also: here’s a tip if you want to protect your child from online predators use emojis to cover them and then screenshot the picture! There is technology that can remove emojis from pictures.

“So if you screenshot it they aren’t able to! It’s a scary world out there and monsters do exist and we must do everything we can to protect children’s innocence.”

While the meaning behind the post is honorable, some critics ignored the message and focused on the potential danger Daxton was in.

One said: “I pray that the shelf is secure!! I no longer post any child pictures online because of Duggers.”

Another asked: “But, can that dresser fall over?”


Amy is now trying to help protect children after growing up with her cousin Josh Duggar who is currently serving a 151-month sentence for his child pornography conviction at FCI Seagoville near Dallas, Texas.

Josh was arrested and charged in April 2021. The trial lasted two weeks before the jury submitted a guilty verdict. 

Josh was recently out in solitary confinement for having an illegal cell phone while in prison.

Amy went on social media to publically call out the prison and ask how he was able to sneak in a cell phone.


Amy has been slammed several times in the past for putting her son in potentially dangerous situations.

Last week, the Counting On alum posted a video that showed her stirring vegetables on the stove while her toddler helped.

The child was captured standing on the countertop near the hot stove without any shoes on while simultaneously standing very close to the edge of the counter.

A critic commented: “On one side, an edge with a long drop. On the other side, fire! What could go wrong?”

The Duggar has also been mocked for allowing Daxton to eat food that was on the dirty floor.

The notion of feeding her three-year-old food from the floor turned many fans’ stomachs.

One said: “There is absolutely no floor that is clean enough to eat off of. You’re eating everything you’ve ever walked on.”

Instagram/@amyrachellekingAmy’s Instagram post included a tip to prevent predators from taking advantage of kids[/caption]

instagram/amyrachellekingAmy mentioned a new technology that allows predators to remove emojis covering children[/caption]

AFPAmy’s cousin Josh Duggar is currently in prison for child pornography[/caption]

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