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Wheel of Fortune contestant makes ‘painful’ one-word mistake that leaves fans and host Pat Sajak bewildered

Wheel of Fortune contestant makes ‘painful’ one-word mistake that leaves fans and host Pat Sajak bewildered

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant made a shockingly rough puzzle guess on Monday’s episode.

Michelle mistakenly said “tort” instead of “tart” for a dessert-themed puzzle, leaving fans online and Pat Sajak reeling on stage.

ABCMichelle rang in to solve this Wheel of Fortune puzzle[/caption]

ABCShe guessed ‘tort, brownie, pie, pudding’[/caption]

Michelle from New Mexico and a clerk-treasurer of her town competed on Monday.

Midway through the Wheel of Fortune episode, she felt ready to guess a puzzle under the category “Save Room For Dessert.”

The crossword-themed puzzle was mostly finished and looking for “Tart, Brownie, Pie, Pudding.

“Tort, brownie, pie pudding!” she announced.

“That is not correct” Pat, 76, ruled and she got the incorrect buzz sound, looking stunned.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s ok” Michelle could be heard replying off-camera.

Another contestant and eventual $65K winner Alex then solved it correctly and Pat quelled the situation

He explained: “Yeah, we got the ‘tort’ instead of the tart.”


Game show fans spun to Twitter in disbelief as “tort” is a legal term.

More forgivingly, “torte” is a dessert, but has five letters and there were only four on the board.

People ran with the first scenario as one viewer tweeted: “Did she say TORT? WTF?”

“#WheelOfFortune TORT!” wrote another.

“May I have a raspberry tort,” joked a third as a fourth wrote: “My mother: ‘Who the hell says torte!!’” and a sixth: “Tort!?”


Recently a contestant named Barbara missed a puzzle in an unfortunate way – she forgot to say a fully spelled-out word.

It was her turn on a puzzle that wound up being “Taking some time for myself.”

She correctly guessed an “S” and felt confident in solving it as the board was almost completed.

“Taking time for myself” she announced.

Barbara forgot the word “some” despite it being completely up on the board.

“Barbara left off a fully spelled out word (“some”) in an attempt to solve the puzzle and missed out on a trip to Costa Rica. I feel so bad for her!” one fan tweeted.

On last Monday’s show, 10th grader Khushi of Colorado Springs, Colorado was breezing through a Food & Drink board.

After successfully guessing an H, she was left with a puzzle that read: “FRE_H TROPICAL FRUIT.”

The answer was a seemingly easy-to-guess “Fresh Tropical Fruit,” but inexplicably guessed a “G.”

ABCOne fan tweeted: ‘Did she say TORT? WTF?’[/caption]

ABCPat Sajak said: ‘Yeah, we got the ‘tort’ instead of the tart’ – more leniently, it could have been ‘torte’ but there were only 4 letters[/caption]

Wheel of FortuneRecently a player went viral when they guessed a ‘G’ for the last letter in this puzzle[/caption]

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