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Today’s Dylan Dreyer apologizes to guest as he insists ‘it’s live TV and anything can happen’ during cooking segment

Today’s Dylan Dreyer apologizes to guest as he insists ‘it’s live TV and anything can happen’ during cooking segment

DYLAN Dreyer has apologized to a Today Show guest during a cooking segment.

The actor insisted that “it’s live TV” and “anything can happen.”

NBCBrian Baumgartner stopped by The Today Show to show the hosts his chili recipe[/caption]

NBCDylan sneezed during the segment, and insisted she didn’t get any in the pot[/caption]

On Tuesday, The Office actor Brian Baumgartner stopped by the Today Show.

He recounted the famous chili episode and explained how it inspired him to make his own chili.

Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan joined him for the segment.

He mixed up the ingredients and explained what to do along the way.

About halfway through, Dylan could be seen sneezing into her arm.

Brian stopped mixing and looked at her.

“Sorry. I sneezed,” Dylan told him, and touched his arm.

“That’s ok!” Brian told her.

“It’s live television. Anything can happen. It’s fine.”

Dylan tried to defend herself as she said: “I didn’t sneeze into the pot.”

“We’re fine,” both Dylan and Brian said.

She continued on with the segment, and even ate some chili, but did not wash her hands.


Earlier this month, Dylan talked to Brian again when she appeared on a popular podcast.

The meteorologist had a long conversation on the podcast Off the Beat with Brian.

Dylan took to Instagram on Valentine’s Day to share a lengthy caption detailing her enjoyment of her time on Off the Beat.

“On this Valentine’s Day, I would like to dedicate this post to my new best friend @bbbaumgartner I had so much fun talking about all sorts of stuff on @offthebeat,” she wrote.

“Click the link in my bio to listen…and find out why he might very well think I’m someone else! Happy Valentine’s Day!!”

The Today co-host even added a snippet of the episode introduction written by the Off the Beat staff, where they also called Dylan and Brian “besties.”

“Brian’s newest bestie, NBC meteorologist and 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host Dylan Dreyer is on the podcast to teach Brian many things, like how to read a weather report, what Lake Effect Snow is, and her name (which maybe Brian had some trouble with when they first met),” it read.

Dylan also included three photos from her time on Off the Beat in the Instagram post.

The first included a side-by-side of Brian and Dylan with their headphones, smiling, alongside the title of the podcast and “EP. 58.”

The second included a quote from Dylan from the pair’s conversation that explained her affliction with the weather, giving fans more insight into why she does what she does.

“The science of how weather develops and why there are clouds and thunderstorms and hurricanes just makes so much sense in my brain[,] and I like being able to talk about it,” the meteorologist explained.

The third and final photo hilariously included a blurry image of Brian pinching his fingers near the camera, possibly to pretend-crush something he could see on-screen.


Last week, Dylan was praised for “keeping it real” on social media.

She shared some insight into her homelife while she was away from the show.

Dylan shares three children with her husband Brian Fichera who she married in 2012.

The Third Hour Today co-host regularly shows her 775,000 followers snippets from her personal life.

In a recent Instagram video, the meteorologist shared the chaos of her evenings after work.

In a clip that many parents will find relatable, Dylan filmed her three children at dinner time.

The caption read: “Dinner time is a happy time…” before filming her three children singing and dancing while sitting down for dinner.

Her second child, Oliver, three, held his thumbs up before excitedly singing along and kicking his feet around.

The camera then panned to Dylan’s eldest son, six-year-old Calvin, who more reservedly made ballet movements with his arms while chewing his food.

17-month-old Russell or “Rusty” sat in a baby highchair which is covered in spaghetti and sauce as he makes babbling noises and smiles at the camera.

The three boys radiate joy and fans praised Dylan for “great parenting” after seeing the “happy boys.”

Other mothers commented on how the NBC host “keeps it real” online.

One wrote: “Mom of 3 adult sons now, this is how you do it, cuz life is fun at home!!

“Keep Keepin it real Dylan, this is all we know.”

Another said: “Fun is the most important thing!

“I love that you allow us to see that your house is not always perfectly picked up. Mine either!”

NBCHe told her it was fine and anything can happen on ‘live TV’[/caption]

Instagram / Dylan DreyerDylan was praised for being relatable during a video with her kids on social media[/caption]

NBCBrian made his chili with turkey meat and some vegetables[/caption]

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